04 December 2006

Sheepy shenanigans

The day started well - a tea party, with roses from Bells!

Oh dear, pink champagne with strawberries... Lulu isn't used to this kind of stuff!

Who is this mysterious tall dark stranger? Lulu was caught out whispering lamby nothings in B-B's ear.

Uh oh... nicking bottles from the kitchen, and the veil's off - what next?!

Oh my! The first kiss! Where will this end? With such a naughty drunk lamb as Lulu, anything's possible!

Beeee beeeeeeeeeeee! Hic!


  1. Champers AND a tall dark stranger - oh my!

  2. Jejune I love it!!!! I'm giggling over these photos. I'm so glad we introduced Lulu and BB!!!

    How is Lulu today? A bit fragile?

  3. champagne makes a fool of us all...

  4. Lulu hasn't gotten out of bed yet, I don't know if she's sulking, hung over, or dreaming of her B-B ... or all three!


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