14 April 2008

Out of hospital

As you can gather, we're back home; Dotter was released around 7.30pm on Friday. It's taken us a few days to recuperate (and to get the house back in order)!

Her lipase levels are nearly normal again. Here she is knitting during the SEVEN HOUR stay in Casualty, before getting a bed in the blessedly quiet Adolescents Ward. I think the Paediatrics section of Casualty must be the worst - we were surrounded by very ill or injured babies and children, most of them crying and/or screaming. We really were starting to Not Cope after 5 hours of it, and we still had 2 more hours to get through ... very distressing.

Generally people with acute pancreatitis (and NOW I can easily add a link) have lipase readings of about 300-400 (normal is less than 20). Lipase is a digestive enzyme that should stay in your digestive system, and NOT be in your blood or abdominal cavity where it starts digesting your organs. She's such a high achiever - Dotter's reading was 1,805! 0_o Thankfully she responded well and quickly to the standard NBM treatment (Nil By Mouth).

The severe pain was a single 5 minute episode on Monday night (the day before she went to hospital), so she wasn't in any pain while in hospital (apart from all the needles and IVs they were sticking in her).

My old Voodoo Wristwarmers were great for keeping her hands warm, especially as the IV was making her hand cold and sore. I gave them to the lovely girl in the other bed when we left, to pass on some warm knitted love, which she needed. She and Dotter are going to stay in touch.

As you know, Lulu came for a visit one night. Dotter was happy to see her, especially as she has a new companion - young Prune the SHEEP DOG! Lulu wasn't sure what to make of him! I suspect she's going to find it harder to get into trouble at home now...

Here is evidence of the infamous Pole Dancing Incident - it's lucky the nurses didn't catch her, she would have been out on her woolly little ear!

While all this was going on, and for the endless hours where we were just waiting for things to happen, or a Doctor to see us, or whatever, I kept knitting on this Elisa's Nest Tote bag. It's nearly done. I decided to use 2 balls of Cleckheaton Bamboo - a bit extravagant, I know, but they were in my stash, and it's wonderful stuff to knit with.

That's all for now! Thanks again everyone for all your lovely messages and love - Dotter and I really appreciated getting your messages there in hospital.

ETA : I have been remiss in forgetting to say a huge thank you to Kuka for visiting us, and bringing an orchid for Dotter, and magazines, and yarny goodness to pat, and DVDs to borrow (oooh Fisher!) - her good cheer was infectious (which is a GOOD thing in hospital :)


  1. Phew!!! Thats great to hear!!!I was reading your posts from Perth but a glich stopped me from sending good vibes!!!!

  2. Oh, you guys have had such a tough run of it! I'm glad to hear Dotter is feeling better, and hope things are smooth for you guys for a while!
    I had morning tea with your S.I.L on Sunday morning! Checking out the photos and weaving from their gorgeous wedding and discussing ideas for ours. She is such a lovely, inspirational person!

  3. Dotter looks like the coolest patient I have ever seen!!! Glad everything is working out, despite Lulu. Maybe Prune can keep her in check!!!

  4. Glad to hear things seem to be looking up.

    I think a good sheepdog is just what Lulu needs to keep her in check!!

  5. Love the photo with Lulu comforting Dotter. That sweet smiley little face would certainly make me feel better! I bet everyone in the ward enjoyed her visit. That foxy little halter top dress of hers is enchanting.

    Dotter is an astounding over-achiever. Tell her to SLACK OFF!! So glad you are both home. No more excitement, OK? I am wishing you a thouroughly boring life for the rest of the year. A little fun over Christmas, and then another year of nothing but ho-hum!

  6. I've been mia for a bit but am glad to hear that all is well!

  7. Yikes! SO glad she is better and at home. That sounds like something where it is better not to be an over-achiever.

  8. Dotter sure is a show-off - 1805!
    so glad you're both home... it's school holidays if you want to catch up :)

  9. Pole dancing lamb! I love it!

    Is it wrong that i look at a hospital stay as an extended period of knitting time?

    Glad to see Dotter is making a recovery.

  10. So glad to see Dotter back at home. The pictures you took are great with the update. You just can't take Lulu anywhere without her showing off. What a spinx she is.

  11. Very glad to hear Dotter is home and back on track. Enough with the over-achieving already!

    I bet its not long before Lulu has Prune wrapped around her woolly hoof!

  12. Glad to see that knitting help you keep it together and that you're safe and sound back at home. May your Dotter and all of your family, you included, stay warm and cozy and HEALTHY!

  13. Knitting helped you ...

    Oh, my - call me Miss Typo.

  14. Whew...that must have been quite the ordeal. I am so glad that Dotter is back at home and doing better.

    As for Lulu, I think that she'll really be a handful now. She now has someone to blame everything on. Pole dancing...that image will stay with me for awhile.

  15. Dotter was knitting some lace while in the hospital bed? Wow. That's knitterly fortitude. I am glad she's feeling better. It's nice to get home and back to normal.

  16. Glad everything's ok now - that Lulu - what will we do with her - although the sheepdog may keep her in line! Aaah waiting in hospitals - perfect knitting time, as long as your children are over 12! Take care of each other!

  17. I know it's been 2 years since I saw you guys - but heaven's to murgatroyd - Othlon's all done and grown up!!! She looks very much unstressed but I can totally believe that a casualty ward of screaming kids, toddlers and babies would make all your hair stand on end after 5 hours. You might want to check the gauge of your knitting!

    Congrats on return to good health and welcome back home.

  18. ooh, I'm so pleased you're home again!
    It was lovely to see you - that Prune is a cutie (let's hope he doesn't learn any tricks from that naughty Lulu!!)
    I can't believe dotter looks so Together and Gorgeous after 5 hours in emergency!!!
    Hope you're enjoying Fischer! ;-)


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