18 April 2008

Staunchly staunch

I got this email this morning - I quite frequently get requests of this kind, asking for a reciprocal link, or whatever :

Dear Ms. Sutherland:

I am currently putting together a directory for writers. [Oh, OK, fair enough]

As I was researching several sites I encountered your website page Denise Sutherland-Puzzle Writer. The site I am referring to can be found at http://www.sutherland-studios.com.au/puzzles/puzzlewriter.html. I am writing to ask your permission to include your website's link in my directory. [Hmm, sounds OK]

Writers will simply clink on your link and be taken to your page. We will not place any of your content in our directory. The only thing we will put in our directory is the name of your organization with your webpage’s link. The directory will be sold as an e-book and offline at a later date. [Fair enough, pretty standard]

There is no cost to you to include your article. [Cool] You will benefit by gaining more exposure to your website. Please reply with your response. We will let you know when this publication is completed. Thank you. [I guess I'll agree, always helpful to have another link to my site]

R. C. W, President
Writers for Christ [Hold the phone! WTF?!]

I replied :

Dear Mr W,

Thank you for your email, and for requesting permission. I would prefer not to be included in your directory, as I am a staunch atheist, and do not want to be associated with any religion.

Thank you,

Denise Sutherland

I thought this would be the end of it - but no!

Dear Ms. Sutherland:

Sadly, we will not include your site in our directory. [Well YES - this is what I requested!] Thank you for responding. I know you are a staunch atheist, but If you are ever lead to learn more about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and why He died for the sins of all people do not hesitate to email me. [Coughs and chokes]

R. C. W,
Writers for Christ

The teenagers I live with thought I should reply along the lines of 'If you are ever led to learn more about why the Bible belongs in the Fiction section of the library, do not hesitate to email me' - but I restrained myself ;)


  1. Or how about, 'If you ever decide to get down off your freaking moral high horse....'

    Love it. Good work!

  2. And it was sounding like such a good deal until the hook showed up.

    Would you rather not hear when I am praying for you? There are lots of other ways I can phrase it. Don't want to offend.

  3. Holy Cow!

    So you don't want to be a Blogger for Christ, then? It would look great on your c.v.

  4. Thank you, that amused me no end!! I'm with the teenagers in spirit, though in fact I wouldn't reply with the last Word!!!

  5. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.

  6. Good for you! I can't stand pious people! They always have to get the last word in. We have the pope here and I can't take all the news. This guy is probably a reformed drinker and born again the worst! just like our president

  7. we had a knock at the door once and a couple of bible bashers wanted to talk about whether or not god is responsible for natural disasters....

    our response...

    i learnt when i was five not to blame my imaginary friends for things going wrong.....

  8. Restraint is waaaay over-rated, I say!

  9. How restrained you are. I have a hard time biting my tongue. It's supposed to get easier as I get older but I am afraid that I am more outspoken than when I was younger.

  10. Lol!!They finally have stopped coming around here!

  11. I'm am amazed at your restraint! and giggles tat this post. My beliefs (I believe I put down Wicca and the Accountant Jedi Knight on our census forms) are no business but our own - and I am not impressed by fundamentalist if any religion (Hindu, Christina, Muslim, Shinto, Jewish - any others!!) Yay Jejune!

  12. A dissenting view - the original request was politely framed and was not 'pushing' any religion. Following Jejune's response a similarly polite reply was sent - where is the harm in that? Or am I missing something?

  13. Yes, we were all polite, but I really was taken aback at the second email offering to teach me about Christ if I ever changed my mind - that went beyond a simple business email in my opinion.

  14. I have a friend who barks at door-to-door religion peddlers. It's surprisingly effective :p

  15. well, as one who put Calathumpian down on the last two census forms, I can only *choke*gasp*wheeze* admire your restraint [ btw that was me nearly swallowing my tongue when I read the exchange ]

  16. oh and wish Dotter all the best from all Chez Catsmum


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