30 April 2008

Closing In

OK, getting to a nice short list, with Dotter and Tinkingbell's help today (thanks gals!) :

Beryl on ChicKnits (designed by Bonne Marie Burns) - this is currently top of my list. Looks like the shape would suit me, I prefer V-necks, it's mostly knit in one piece, has a long-sleeve option, and it would be warm and not floppy. Check out knittingpark's Beryl, to see how it looks on a busty lass (like me). But would the alpaca be 'firm' enough for this design? It's a very soft fibre...

Midnight Special Circular Sweater (Ravelry link) - love this, not floppy, but with circular / seamless construction! Won't keep my tummy warm though... but if I don't knit this now, I want to knit it soon (same goes for the Lara Pinwheel Sweater). You can also see Midnight Special here, down the page.

Another Kirsten Hipsky design, the Market Street Tied Cardigan.

And a third... the Blossom Cardigan.

The Brennan is still in the list, too.

Have also looked at (and bookmarked) Lily, Sylph, Ivy, Cable Love, Hot Cocoa, and much more, but I'm feeling pretty good about the list of 4 above. Dotter has given her stamp of approval to Beryl, and has offered to help me unravel Mariah tonight. Eeeep! But I'm feeling better about it now, more able to cope with the Big Frog, and the prospect of a quick knit cardy which I can wear soon.

Can you tell I'm procrastinating??! Argh. Back to work...


  1. I am vehemently against a cardigan with 27 bazillion metres of lacy edging to be attached. Don't do it, I beg you!!!
    Like The Brennan and The Market one. I also saw a really nice fitted cardi in the Interweave Folk style book this week.

  2. Well, I like them all but have reservations with each. Beryl is very fashionable but would like it longer otherwise tummy is right there, now I'm talking about me. How would it look to wear it without buttoning up?
    Midnight- do we wnat this buttoned against the "girls"? Market Street, ok, but would the girls want to escape? Market Street, NO who wants to look preggers!
    Brennen, nothing exciting but would look better in your yarn color.
    Aren't you glad you asked, LOL

  3. It's hard to find something just right! I think part (a lot?) of the problem with Mariah was my choice of fibre - the alpaca isn't very springy or firm, and is really pretty floppy ...

    I'd better narrow my search on Ravelry to cardigans made with alpaca, I think.

  4. Glad to be of assistance!!

    Still love blossom and the midnight circle - and I adore my Lift and Separate - but there's a LOT of knitting in that (mainly 1x1 rib for the damn ties!)

  5. I absolutely ADORE the first choice. It's very very flattering for all figure types, me thinks.

    I'd do that/go with that, honey!

  6. Oops, didn't read your floppy note - and think the first pattern would need a firmer knit.

    Make a shawl and be done with it. Easy. You probably could make your own pattern up.

  7. Jejune - I just knit the Nantucket Jacket for a friend a month ago and it was easy and fun knit. You could knit it with longer sleeves. Lots of photos on Ravelry. And I think it would look great on a curvy figure!

  8. I have loved seeing everyone's Mariah and was tempted to make one for myself but now you've made me think twice. I love the way your cables look and I'm feeling the pain of all that frogging....


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