08 July 2008

A brush with painting

It's been a long time since I felt like painting anything at all, let alone a new Knitting Art artwork. The past few months have been pretty mind-numbingly exhausting and depressing, what with Dotter's illnesses, my beloved pup Lily's death, and The Endless Book Review.

But after having a Jejune Day, the urge returned. This is a painting I planned and sketched out in January, and has been getting dusty since then. It's finally getting some colours...

It's a bit tricky figuring out how to paint something that looks like Fair Isle, without having to paint every stitch in detail! This is the first level of paint towards that end ...

Jejune Days will be a permanent fixture!

Lastly - Happy 17th Birthday to my dearest Dotter. She is stoic in the face of incredible hardship, pain and illness, and still has a sense of humour. She is intelligent, creative, talented, wise beyond her young years, and my heart's delight. I can't imagine life without her.


  1. The painting is looking sensational! Yay for the return of Jejune days!

    And yay for Dotter! Gosh. Seventeen. I remember seventeen. Just.

  2. I love the painting! And I can't believe Dotter is only 17!!! (I know I knew how old she was but she does certainly carry her self with the grace and fortitude of someone who should be older!)

  3. Glad you are feeling up to some creativity again!!! Happy Birthday to Dotter too, wishing her a happy and healthy year!!

  4. Hoppy birsday to choo, hoppy birsday to choo, hoppy birsday deeer dotter! Hoppy birsday to choo!

    And happy, happy Jejune day! LOVE the painting!! It's just magic how you do that!!

  5. Happy birthday to Dotter!
    Painting looks lovely. Coming along so nicely. It is awesome to see it "in progress." Really gives a feel for the process involved in creating the delightful eye candy that you create.
    Enjoy your Jejune days - we certainly enjoy seeing the fruits of "YOUR" time.

  6. So nice to see that you are feeling up to paiting. Love what you have done for the first level!
    Happy Birthday Dotter. Hope your day was wonderful.

  7. happy jejune day! so lovely to see you painting again. and happy dotter birthday, i hope she had a great one, and has a better year ahead. xx

  8. Happy Happy Dotter Day!! (I wish sometimes I was 17 again - but couldn't face all the agonising! Happy Jejune Day too!

  9. Yay for Jejune Days. The new painting is awesome! Tell Dotter H.B. from the mother of a soon to be 17er too (Sept. 3).

  10. Happy belated to your daughter! And the painting is gorgeous! I love the way the colors work together!


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