28 July 2008

Jejune Jumper Felt Books

Oddly enough, I don't own a jumper. I have cardigans, and my lovely Lara, but I keep nicking hubby's Jet Jumper, which is frankly much too big, and, well yes, it does belong to him, after all. I spend hours sitting here working at my computer, freezing my begeebers off, and need to get warmer - now!

Hence my Jejune Jumper .... this is how it looks after 1 day of knitting :

And after 2 days ...

Pattern is Stephanie Japel's Raglan from the Top Down general 'recipe' :

Yarn is Bendigo Rustic 12 ply, in Red Tweed (the colour in the top photo is most accurate).

Design details are being made up by me as I go ... 3 x 1 ribbing on the sleeves, 1 x 1 ribbing along the sides (ie under the arms), darts under the bust.

It fits really well, and I love it ... at this rate of knitting, it should be done in a week or so!

Some booky goodness to share :

I've long lusted after this book, and when I had some credit to cash in (from AC Neilson's Your Voice surveys), I took the plunge!

This is a beautifully designed book, with clear instructions and photos, and bursting with colour.

Betz White reveals her secrets on how to make her gorgeous trademark cupcake pincushions, and a whole raft (or should that be 'basket'?) of felted projects - all using felted jumpers as the base. Some are embellished with needle felting. There are blankets, and pillows, and bowls, and hats, and mittens, and more! Time to hit the op shops (like I need an excuse...) !

This second book was a true indulgence, real eye candy stuff. A translated Japanese craft book (Kyuuto! = Cute!) by Saori Yamazaki, featuring the most stunningly sweet needle and water felted goodies. My first Japanese craft book.

I'm not sure how well I'll go at these crafts (a tendency to sore hands and wrists may not match well with the repeated movements of needle felting) but am certainly willing to give them a shot! The cuteness will be worth it!


  1. My gosh! So much progress! Seriously, if you just wanted to keep the boobage warm and not the belly, you could stop right there. ;-)

    I have long lusted aftr the Betz felt book. But I would be worried that I have too many hobbies already and another one to add to the addictions could be a bit ridulous.

  2. Wow, that's so speedy! And I love the colour too. Why is that knitting top-down in the round always seems so darn fast?

  3. Stunning jumper - it fits beautifully!

  4. I have to make one. NOW! It looks SO good and warm!

  5. Wow, you're seriously flying with that jumper!

    The colour is fabulous. In the shade card I've never given it a second thought, but it looks great knitted up.

  6. In America, a jumper is a loose, sleeveless dress designed to be worn over a blouse or sweater. I like your jumper better. We'd call it a pullover. English is such a fun language!

    You are just flying on that jumper. Good job!! It looks wonderful.

  7. As you know, I'm sure, I've got hand problems. And hand felting, where you get your hands on in there with the wool and squish it around, just about killed me. (I did it a week ago and am barely beginning to feel better.) Machine felting, of course, is still very do-able. Haven't tried needle felting, but I imagine I'll have to do that in small doses too.

    Love the jumper, and LOVE the wool. I'm knitting a jumper in 8-ply rustic tweed "Midnight" right now and LOVE the stuff. If I lived in Australia, I'd knit with nothing else. Beautiful yarn.

  8. I had to make my husband a sweater when I stole his. It was my first full sized project and was so big, I'm embarassed. He loves it. Wears it all winter and lovingly puts it away in the summer.
    Your sweater is a beautiful color. Very cheerful for those cold days.

  9. Of course, I love the fuzzy felted friends! : )

  10. Hey, think how much knitting you can get done in hospital and while recuperating! : )


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