22 August 2008

Jumper Presence

Finally, some photos!

Here is Son's Presence Illusion Scarf ...

Blocking (photo is from a low angle so you can see the 'illusion' image - it's quite long, nearly 6') :

And worn - he loves it (isn't he a cool rock boy?) :

And my Jejune Rustic Jumper blocking :

A close up of the shoulder :

I love the ends of the sleeves - I reknit these several times, and ended up with a long 1x1 ribbed cuff, on slightly smaller needles, and a Kitchener Stitch Bind Off, which gives a rolled ribbed edge! Nice and stretchy too (which is what I was aiming for) :

The hem has just a few rows of seed stitch. I'm not completely happy with it, the bind off isn't stretchy enough, so I think I'll unravel the hem and knit it a bit longer, and do a better bind off.

The neck is also a bit more 'boat neck' than I was wanting, but it's probably OK. This is a detail of the neck ribbing with a purl ridge before the main body of the jumper...

It's weird, when it's your own design, you keep tweaking, and unravelling, and reknitting, and unravelling, and .... does it ever end?!

Photos of the jumper being worn when I'm feeling more photogenic. Haggard isn't chic ... yet ;)


  1. What! But I did haggard all day at the Stitches and Craft Show, and no-one even said anything. You don't suppose they were just being polite. I thought they were just envious.

  2. The Illusion Scarf is fantastic!! It's magic really.
    Your jumper is just lovely: the colour is fabulous and it looks so soft and warm. Very clever, you are!!

  3. Both fantastic. Really well done!

    Once you fix up the cast off for the hem, that will be THE perfect comfy winter jumper!

  4. The illusion scarf is a masterpiece and just too freaking cool for school!

    And your jumper looks like a wearable hug. You do good work.

  5. Nice scarf. I think the illusion technique is cool. Someday I'll try it (when it's cooler here).

    I love the Kitchener bind off.

  6. Lovely! You'll be able to take this away with you to wear at camp to the admiraing ooooh's and aaahhhh's of fellow campers : ) I love the ribbing effect down the sides of the jumper as well.

  7. Pretty and clever! what more could you want!

  8. The sweater is beautiful - and the scarf very cool! Glad you got away for a few days and relaxed and learned at the same time.

  9. what a cool scarf. You amaze me with your knitting. Really like the way the jummper came out. Way to go.


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