07 August 2008

Sunnyboy Jumper

I'm sure you all know what this is - a Sunnyboy pouch made by the divine Quiltingmick from Button Tree Lane! I even got to choose the clever 'knitting' fabric (it's screen printed by AuntyCookie in Melbourne). LOVE it. It's my new knitting tool kit.

A progress pic on my 'Jejune Jumper' - started the second sleeve last night - should have this little baby finished by the weekend! The body is a bit twisted in this pic ... there are equal sized ribbed areas at the sides.

I've been very confused and unsure of what to do about my hip. I saw my surgeon yesterday briefly (when picking up my x-rays) and he's advised me to get as much use from my hip as I can, before going in for surgery (and yes, it does need to be a total hip replacement). Because I'm so young for this operation, I'm looking at at least 1 and maybe even 2 revisions (replacement of the prosthesis - a very difficult operation) - and with each one the risks and complications increase a lot.

He says I'll know when I need it - and since I clearly DON'T know at the moment, I guess I'm not ready ... it does hurt more, but I'm not incapacitated by it, and can still walk, do bellydancing, and be pretty mobile.

I know I'm looking at surgery in the near future - within a year or two - but not next month. Which is nice. Gives me time to sort stuff out in my head, get a bit of counselling, prepare for the whole thing.

OK, off for my Jejune Day! Staying HOME all day, with time for tea, bellydancing practice, knitting, reading, sewing (stay tuned!), a go at some needle felting, and maybe even a bit of painting. Or maybe none of the above, and just sleeping all day, that also sounds bloody appealing at the moment!


  1. jumper is looking great!
    Aren't sunnyboys fabulous?

    No, I guess you're not ready. You're an intuitive woman - I think you'll know.

  2. I don't think I've ever been called "divine" before! Thank you! And right back at ya!

    Jumper is looking tres gorgeous.

    And you're right - you'll know when you need it. It's like the day I decided to get the moles removed from my face - after 38 years of living with them, I just KNEW.

  3. Beutiful jumper - and I love the sunnyboy!!!!
    You'll know.

  4. Gooc hip news!! The jumper is looking fabulous!! Enjoy your day!!!

  5. Have an enjoyable Jejune day and that's good that you don't have to have the surgery so soon - you have time to "work up" to it.

  6. Same with my hysterectomy - I suffered for years and then I knew it was time to fix it. Hooray for Jejune day! I can feel the sigh of relief clear over here!

    The jumper is delicious!

  7. Having some time to let things sort themselves out and settle in your head sounds good.

    Have a good Jejune day!

  8. Lovely sweater, I like the ribbing along the sides, should be very flattering.

    I also chime in on the 'go with your instincts' side of the discussion, if my opinion is worth anything. This is probably really obvious and a big old duh, but have you tried anti-inflammatories for pain control? With all my formerly-broken bones, I live on them, and find they work better than anything else for what I think of as 'old broken bones pain'.

    At any rate, hugs. And knitting is good for pain control. Really. I swear.

  9. Did your surgeon offer you an injection into the hip of Synvisc? If not ask him why not.it is common practice in France and in several European countries.

  10. Lovely jumper! One day I shall be able to knit like that and one day I shall be able to fit into a jumper like that lol. maybe I should try belly dancing? I always fancied doing it but was never brave enough. Hope you had a fab Jejune day. Sounds like you needed it.

  11. great use for the sunnyboy, you inspired me to order one for same purpose. im glad to hear you have some room to breath on the hip thing, and that is turning out to be a really lovely jumper.

  12. I love the ribbing on the side of the sweater. It will make it fit perfectly. And I'm glad you have some breathing room. It seems easier to take when it's not happening tomorrow.

  13. A hip replacement? Rrrr. But I have seen two people this year in my school (both in their 50s) get through it relatively quickly. One left the week before our Christmas break and came back with everyone on Jan. 2, limping a bit but nothing like he had been before. Doc is probably right that you'll know when it's time (nothing is fun anymore and you can't get around) but once you do sign on, here's betting it will be much much better on the other side.
    (Love the ribbing on that sweater--the sides done like that are so attractive!).

  14. Great that you are not rushing into it. Your jumper looks great, and that Aunty Cookie fabric is earmarked by me for a similar project! Great minds and all that...

  15. Very good advice. As long as you listen to what your body tells you, you hip will know when it's time to get replaced.

    In the meantime....oooooooo that jumper is to die for!


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