30 August 2008

There and Back Again

This is where I've been for the past week - the Quest for Life Centre in Bundanoon, on the Neuro-Immune Program. It was very interesting, and while I wouldn't call it restful - the program classes / sessions ran from morning til night every day - there were plenty of times to rest, and long lunch breaks, and lovely people. If you are struggling with chronic illness, cancer, or are a carer (and live in Australia!), I would recommend you consider going along to a program, despite any qualms. It was great.

I'm still processing the information from the 5 days - it was pretty full on. While there were things that I didn't agree with, and won't be following up on, there were certainly other things that were helpful. They really don't push stuff at you, it's more about suggestions, options you might like to take up, and a lot about loving yourself, looking after yourself, and inner calm. I've come back with a sense of internal peace, which I hope I can maintain! There will be changes ...

This is the dining room, which deserves its own paragraph. The food was incredibly good. Largely vegetarian (locally sourced organic produce) with fish and chicken sometimes. Extremely amazing meals. Homemade biscuits and jams, salads (have you ever had avocado and asparagus with fresh raspberry sauce?!), soups, bread, and more! Plus just walking in, eating, and leaving all the dishes is divine bliss for any mum :)

There was knitting (yeah, people figured out I was obsessed - who'd have thunk it?). The main thing is I finished Penny's Show-Off Stranded Socks! And 1 or 2 of the other women on the course now want to learn how to knit, and I picked up a lap rug knitting commission (just one, in purple, for a new friend in Tassie).

A quick try-on, before I send these to Vienna.... my feet are a bit small for these socks...

The toe construction is quite different - rounds of equally spaced decreases, like for a beanie. It fits remarkably well.

ETA : the pattern is Show-Off Stranded Socks.


  1. Oh, oh, oh, my socks are finished!!! They're gorgeous!!! I am so glad you had a good week out at Bundanoon and that you found some of the information/tips useful. It would be marvellous if you could maintain that new sense of inner calm - and share it around a bit (send some inner calm vibes to Vienna for me please!)

  2. Pretty pretty pretty!

    Love that no cooking no washing up stuff!

    Glad you had a break - hope it's all useful!

  3. Good to hear you had a proper break. Welcome back!

  4. sounds like a lovely week. Hope the family survived ok without you!

    Gorgeous socks! That pattern really suits the colours.

  5. So glad it was a fruitful session! Inner calm. Be here now. Breathe in, breathe out, move on. something we ALL need to practice!

    Lovely socks!

  6. It sounds like a restful week for you, a much needed week. I have very round feet and socks with toes constructed like that fit me better than the traditional ones. I love the colors. What's the pattern?

  7. Freaky toe! Glad the week was worth it for you. No housework? Book me in, although Mum's away until Friday so maybe not this week.

  8. Oh how cool,putting these on my list,thanks for sharing pattern!!And yes the demo was ahuge success,have to work out how to make enough money to cover fuel/food to these spots,Saturday was over a hundred!!!!

  9. awesome socks. I knit my toes like that because I dont know any other way yet lol. I am still on my L plates with knitting but getting closer to my P's.
    Hope the inner calm is still lingering

  10. Those socks are the greatest yet. I have the pattern and it is next on my list. Glad your trip was useful. What a great setting to take 5 days away and get information for decision making.


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