28 October 2008

Alien sheep!

Goodness, has it been a week already? 0_o

We've spent quite a lot of time at the Canberra Hospital in the past week, and we keep walking past this display cabinet in the foyer which is about the Chaplaincy services on offer, along with some props and a knitted Christmas nativity scene (you know, the Kings, the Shepherds and so on). The figures are fine - but O.M.F.G.... is this a .. a .. SHEEP? Looks more like an alien emerging from a sheep skin .... aaaaaaaah!

The text on the book is done, hurrah (first pass anyway, I'll be seeing it again in January for revisions)! I'm now into writing the 252 puzzles. I need to write 5 a day to meet the deadline. They average 2 hours each, so it's a hell of a lot. Bit scary.

Dotter 2.0 is going well - we're still working to get the insulin levels right, but she's loving not having to do injections all the time!


  1. Well, yes, that sheep is a little disturbing. Congratulations on finishing the text, and may the force be with you in writing all those puzzles!

  2. Great...now I'm going to have nightmares. But seriously, what breed of sheep is that supposed to be???? Blue Faced Leicester????

    AND hasn't anyone told them that it's still October and much too early for Christmas??...I'll get off of my soapbox now...

  3. Yayy for finished work! You have really busted your buns on this one, and with everything else on your plate, you are just a wonder woman!!

    Yay for sweet Dotter! No more injections! Yayy, yayyy!

    Obviously the sheep was knit by someone who has never actually seen a real sheep or even a good picture of one. give them points for creativity.

  4. So glad Dotter is on the other side of the trials you've been through--still things to do but when hospital visits are finished that must feel like progress. As for the "sheep," I wonder if the knitter has a sense of "humor" and was knitting a sheep in a wool turtleneck sweater. Still . . . strange!

  5. congrats on finishing the text and good luck for the puzzles!

    And that is most definitely an alien sheep!! Clearly the knitter was subverting the christian purpose of the nativity!!

  6. It's a sheep in a turtleneck sweater. One of those well-meaning ill-fitting sweaters that your mom makes you wear for the picture, so you can send it in the thank-you note.

  7. Oh it looks like a concertina sheep. Mind you, my nativity sheep keep falling over..
    Good Dotter news!!
    Happ Puzzling.

  8. i made a sheep from the same pattern! Although, mine is more sheep-like: for example, it's eyes are above its mouth!

  9. Oh dear. Poor sheep! Congrats on getting the text done!

  10. Congratulations on getting all this done in what I know is a very busy life. Can't wait to see the book (I'll buy it if you'll sign it).

  11. 5 puzzles a day? My brain would explode. I'm glad dotter is doing well. Giving herself all those injections couldn't have been very fun.

  12. Good Lord! I couldn't solve 5 puzzles a day, forget about writing them.

    The sheep has many issues. Calling it a sheep would be one of them!

    Glad that the injections are a thing of the past and hope that regular hypos soon become a thing of past.


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