01 October 2008


Still alive, writing has officially started on The Book - it's going well, if busily, and I'm enjoying it a lot (so far!) - I hadn't realised how much I needed a break from the - yes - tedium of writing my weekly syndicated puzzles. I love a good project, I do!

Meet Avi, the Top Bird in this house ... and the higher the better!

We're bird sitting for a friend, for 2 weeks. Hmmm. I think I'm too nice. We never had birds when I was a kid, cos my mum has a phobia of them, so I'm not very used to this caper. While this little cockatiel is quite appealing, he does have some major personality flaws (will bite fingers, doesn't like being petted, and knows his own mind - well, I guess the last isn't a personality flaw as such, it just makes him a bit hard to manage at times).

Avi's favourite thing is to sit on my wrist or arm while I'm working. He even fell asleep on my leg yesterday, aaaw. Here he is sitting next to me on my office window sill (well, on top of my radio on my window sill).

He also wants stand on my computer keyboard and try to lever up the keys with his beak (!!!) - he's not allowed to do that one! His wings are clipped, so he just hops and walks around the place - and he much prefers to be outside his cage rather than in.

Aren't they messy little creatures?! I had no idea - the quantity of feathery debris and scaley skin bits or whatever from his preening ... ick. Still, he is rather sweet, and he can say a few things like "Brekkie!" and "Avi Avi Avi" (his name), and he likes English muffins with butter.


  1. ha! What fun!! He's a great house guest, flaws and all.

  2. Engaging little vermin, isn't he? Don't let him mix with Lulu. She'll kick his tail!

  3. Birds have so much personality! I had budgies as a girl. I'm afraid one or the other of the dogs would eat a budgie, snip snap, so no birds for me right now.

  4. hehehehe! What a fun friend!

    I like having birds around the house but Kit says birds shouldn't be caged so we don't have any. I'm going to ask for a salt water tank instead.

    Kinda icky about the skin, but maybe not any more gross than dog fur everywhere on a bamboo floor???

  5. it is surprising how much personality a creature with such a small brain can have! i mean that in a good way. he wouldnt last long around keyboards or outside cages at my place tho....

  6. Mmmmm, English muffins! Strange that I've focussed on that from your post! But such things are very hard to come by here - actually impossible to come by until about 2 weeks ago - one Supermarket now has English muffin type things and when they come into stock my group of friends madly buy them all up - we must look very strange to the local Viennese - standing in a queue with 10 packages of muffins and nothing else!

  7. What a character! I'd love to hear him say 'Brekki!" - that must be so cute! (Nice hat, too! Is that a crossword puzzle image I see on your hat?)

  8. Ay-yay-yay. You are a good friend.

  9. you truly are a good friend to take Avi in for his family. He sure is an entertaining guest.


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