05 October 2008


A mysterious box arrived in the mail two days ago, from my friend Abbey (my one-time Secret Pal) - (slightly tardy but hey who's counting?) birthday treats!

Some very thoughtful choices - a book about losing loved pets - something Abbey and I have both gone through in the last year. And a Hawaiian cookbook - mmmm, pineapple and macadamia nuts :)

I've long lusted after this book - and it is really wonderful. A great introduction to cables in general, some great projects, and a brilliant cable stitch dictionary. Thank you Abbey, the perfect choice!!

You knew there would be yarn, didn't you? Tilli Tomas silk with beads - laceweight .... swoon .... 2 skeins!

This is the absolute pièce de résistance - a skein of actual real qiviut (faints). I'll bring it to SnB Tuggers next Saturday (on a leash, in chains) if anyone would like to pet it!

Thank you Abbey!!

Since I'm doing a bit of show and tell, Taph and Miss Spidey also splurged and treated me with this gorgeous ArtYarn sock yarn - what colours!

Steady progress is being made on the Hemlock Ring - I'm into the r e a l l y l o n g rows of feather and fan now (close on 400 stitches per row). It is just gorgeous.

The first week of work on The Book went well, although I was just about brain dead by Friday. Am taking Saturdays off, but will need to work for a couple of hours on Sundays to keep the panic at bay.


  1. ooohhh I wasn't going to buy any more books, but I am such a sucker for a good cable, and doesn't that celtic knot one on the cover really make you want to find the cable needles right now?

    (loving the hemlock and so coveting the qiviut)

  2. Well, the qiviut is just Alaskan. :) That's the freshest of the fresh right there!!

    I'm sorry it was late. I had just started school the day of your birthday. It was sad.

    I hope you enjoy knitting with two of my favorite yarns! :)

  3. *mouth hanging open, drooling* What a fabulous thoughtful gift! Covet, covet - book, tili thomas, qiviut. Score indeed!

  4. I've petted qiviut before (fans self). Never sprang for it, though.

    I have a couple of huge skeins of what-do-I-do-with-it yarn. Maybe I need to do a Hemlock Ring.

  5. What a drool worthy package! Happy Belated Birthday!

  6. My supervisor at work was in Alaska in the spring and was in a local shop where they had baskets of qiviut for 2 dollars a skein on clearance. She said she thought of me but wasn't sure I'd like it. !!!!! I didn't have the heart to tell her about qiviut being like the holy grail.

  7. Very lovely yarns ... beautiful knitting on the grape yarm ... and great books. Enjoy your lovelies!

  8. WOW!! What a fabulous fabulous bunch of gifts - you lucky lucky thing! Knitting with the lovely yarns will be such a great reward after a day (or week) of work on the book!

  9. Better late than never. She out did herself. What great gifts.
    The Hemlock is beautiful. I just don't know how you do it all!! Time managment is key and you sure have it down pat.

  10. Gee, that's almost worth having a birthday for. What a splendid haul!

  11. Glad you have a little bird on your shoulder to help you along!!! Lovely gifts, such good taste too. Good luck with the book. Everyone is making The Hemlock Ring. I am 'almost' tempted to start, yours looks so nice!!


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