26 November 2008

Aussie CafePress

Good news! CafePress now has Aussie (and UK and Canadian) shops - so if you go to my Knitting Art shop, and you're in Australia (or the UK or Canada), it should automagically default to Australian (or UK or Canadian) dollars, and postage costs will be LOCAL. This is a HUGE saving. Just in time for Chrissie :)

I just got myself one of these mugs, and I must say it is very lovely - the image is glazed properly, and all shiny and pretty.

One of these days, post-book, I will put brush to paper again, and get some new paintings up!

135 puzzles done, 118 to go. I have no life away from this computer ...


  1. Oh, no! More ways to spend money!

  2. You're on the downhill slope. Every puzzle done is one closer to completion. Bless your dear heart! You can DO it!!

  3. Way to go! You'll get them done and I LOVE that mug!!

  4. Oh that's great news about CafePress! Can buy more things now...

  5. I ordered exactly the same mug and I love it. Also ordered the same print on a tote bag as a gift for my eldest daughter who is just getting interested in knitting. Our order came from the US to Austria and the postage seemed OK - but aren't you lucky to be able to order directly from a supplier in your country - bring on CafePress Austria!!


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