18 November 2008

Greetings from Earth

I subscribe to G Magazine - and was thrilled to hear last week that a short note I sent in is going to be published next month! It's about how using a fountain pen (with a refillable ink bladder) is even more environmentally friendly than using pencils. As a thank you, they sent me a pressie! Some gorgeous cards, wrapping paper and gift tags from Earth Greetings! They are really wonderful, and all printed with vegetable-based inks on recycled paper.

Cute attack - this is Rincewind enjoying a cracker!

Q2 deadline has been met, now I'm into writing for my third quarter (75 puzzles in 3 weeks, again). At least I'm past the halfway mark. And I have a cover!


  1. Nice! and congrats on the cover too - it's all coming together!!

  2. It looks just like a real cover!! I know that sounds strange, but it neams your book is actually happening.
    Hi to Rincewind!!!

  3. Oh, Rincewind is so cute! He looks like one of us.

  4. Rincewind, what have you done with the Luggage?

    Hooray on a real cover! Hooray on meeting deadlines! (Next time, demand more time.)The end is (almost) in sight.

  5. Good win. I love that magazine and am working my way through the library's copies - just can't bring myself to add to the paper mountain by subscribing.

    A cover!!

  6. What a lovely gift. I like it. I might try and track down a copy of this mag.

    Rincewind is a cutie!

  7. You're energy levels aare going to crash when you finish this project. Have you got a strategy for re-emergence into your family's world? Maybe booking yourself a day or weekend away at the end of the project might be a good idea so that you can recover and then get back to family with re-acquired energy.

    I completely love that stationery but then I'm a Stationery Addict!

  8. I couldn't see the cover. It must feel very exciting! And over 50 percent of the way done on the puzzles. You are plowing through it.


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