23 November 2008

The Postcard Project

I heard about Elizabeth McClung's Postcard Project through Olivia ... and was delighted to receive an email from Elizabeth within hours of writing to her (I suspect she never sleeps!). She is on a mission to send out a special custom-made postcard to anyone and everyone who needs or wants one - as a way of connecting, and a deliberate act of kindness. She is, quite frankly, amazing.

This is one of the postcards she sent to our family (we all got one!) ... pop on over and read about her project and you can ask for - yes - a special postcard!


  1. I did this too, thanks to Olivia and received a lovely card from Elizabeth, and a spot of emailing back and forth. She's lovely and it's an amazing project.

  2. Love the card: isn't she an amazing person?? I wonder if I am brave enough to ask though!!!

  3. There's heroissm where you run into a burnig building to rescue someone. Or where you throw yourself on a handgrenade to save your buddies, and then there's the long slog heroism where you survive years of torment and still retain your heart and humanity. She and you deserve medals and award ceremonies and many, many hugs.

  4. That's a great project! What a neat idea.
    And so up my alley. "I wish I thought of that!"

  5. Oh wonderful! I have just asked for a card - and hope to hear from her sometime - thanks ofr the link

    and I loved the puzzle stuff too!


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