09 January 2009

Edit your face!

Puuuurrrrfect! Thankfully my editors at Wiley aren't this mean!

Author Review is going well so far - thankfully the chapters were edited first up this week (I really didn't want to write anything more, but had to). I suspect I'll have to see them again, though. Puzzles which need changes have only taken 10 minutes each to fix so far.

In a worst case scenario that gives me 253 puzzles x 10 min = 2, 530 / 60 = 42 hours of work, over the next 3 weeks. Totally bearable (anything's better than the 70-80 hour work weeks I've been averaging of late)! And not every puzzle needs editing, so things are good. I actually don't have to work all weekend, and can go to SnB without feeling stressed!


  1. I think I must be tired too. Read that as "can go to SnB without getting dressed" !!! Lovely image.

    Good luck with getting everything completed, then you can get back to what matters in life (knitting, that is)

  2. I had to work today with a cold and was so crabby at Mark all day. Chloe, fortunately, didn't get scolded too much or see my wrath, despite lots of barking. And now I am sneezing up a storm! Much better to relax on a weekend - I guess we'll have that soon again!

  3. What a weight off your shoulders!



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