17 January 2009

Mini Crossword Bags

Through the wonders of laptop computing, we bring you Blogging in Bed. Yes folks, the workload of the past 4 months has finally caught up with me, and I have the flu (insert lengthy sentence full of swear words). Especially upset since I have to cancel a bunch of social events I was REALLY looking forward to :(

Last night I designed and made TWO little crossword bags. These ones actually worked, and are super easy and fast. Made from Bamboozle (bamboo/cotton), knit in the round. For mobile phones / digital cameras. Pattern will be on my web site when I've got a working brain again.

Saw this on a box in an office last week ... can you see what it says?

... the way nature intended it to be. PLASTIC CUPS.

Yup. Worthy of the Fail Blog.

OK, time for a nap and more Panadeine.


  1. oh poor you. Get well soon!

    Very cute little bags!

    Oh and definitely a FAIL!

  2. I now have an uncontrolable urge to knit up another cotton market bag for next time I go to the grocery store

  3. Waah. Poor Jejune. I'm glad you're taking the knitting and napping cure.

  4. Sorry to hear that you're sick. I hope you get well soon!

  5. Hope you feel better really soon!

    The little bags looks fantastic.

    Book is in the post tomorrow - I promise ...

  6. Sending you a Get well soon!

    I think something in my brain went sproing when I read that.


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