20 January 2009

New Patterns!

I've got the new patterns up on my web site! I figured I'd better do it soon, as I'm about to start a second book project (just a little activity puzzle book for young kids, but it's a tight deadline). So I present to you - the Mini Crossword Bags!

Here's a few rows into one - I like using the Magic Loop method, makes knitting small circular things much easier, and it's less fiddly than DPNs.

The inside stranded work ... the most you ever have to 'skip' with a yarn is 4 stitches.

This is the larger-sized Mini Bag (knit on 30 stitches), with an American-style grid (mostly white squares, and every square is 'keyed' by both an Across and a Down word). The pattern also comes with a British-style grid variation.

Here's the smaller Mini Bag, knit on 24 stitches, with a British-style grid (more blacks, not every letter is keyed by 2 words). The pattern also comes with an American-style grid variation.

In both patterns you can choose from a charted design, or line-by-line instructions. I hope you enjoy it! It's an easy introduction to stranded work, as it's always pretty obvious where you're up to in the pattern, since you're knitting a regular grid.

Here's the smaller bag in use - it's good for little mobile phones; the larger bag works well for thicker phones and digital cameras, and so on. You could always embellish yours with letter beads sewn on into the grid, to spell your name, or some message!

Am sort of better. I'm out of bed, at least, and able to work, so that's something!


  1. Nice! I don't think I ever knew there was a difference between US and British crosswords!

  2. They're so great. Well done. I can see myself definitely making one...or more!

  3. Charming little bags! You can't just lie in bed and rest? Hope you kick the flu completely in record time!

  4. Feel better! That is ONE CUTE cell phone bag! Very clever.

  5. I never knew about the two different versions either. North of the border I've only ever seen the British style myself.


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