27 March 2009

I can see!

This little pup is likely to be ours, she is white with black patches, and opened her eyes on Wednesday! She's doubled her birth weight in 2 weeks, which is really good too. So cute! We'll be able to visit her in person in 3 weeks. And then we can take the photos ;)

As of this afternoon I'm on holidays! Well, I'll probably have to write a couple crosswords for my syndicator, and do a few business chores in the next month, but otherwise I'm off work, no books, no projects! Yay! Even did some screen printing with Dotter this arvo for funsies (she added a Mac computer 'on' symbol to this top). Note totally dead lawn. No significant rain for several months does that ...

The house inspection went well today, it was good to meet the owners (a depressingly young couple with two young kids ... and here we are in our mid-40s, still renting, sigh). Still, they had a good look around, and we could present them with our 'wish list' - pave some of the yard near the family room so it's actually usable - our entire 'lawn of weeds' is dead anyway [highly unlikely]; a screen door for the family room [likely, but we've been asking for this to be fixed for 18 months, get a wriggle on!]; more tam bark for the front garden to cover the so chic exposed black plastic and weeds [hopeful]. Our real estate agent was nice - she said this inspection counted as a regular inspection, so we don't need another one for 6 months, yay!

Son is out of work again (the bakery offered him a cleaning job, 3 hours a day with 9am starts - he lasted 5 days) ... it's all too hard, he gets overwhelmed, and physically 'shuts down'. It's clear that the Asperger's presents bigger hurdles than we were aware of. The past two months have certainly provided a lot more evidence and data - even if I feel like I've aged 10 years in that time! It's been pretty awful and frustrating for all concerned, and I feel very badly about letting the bakery down, as they bent over backwards for him, really like him, and desperately needed the help.

We're getting some help (yes, really) from Centrelink, in getting him some financial support and into the Disability Employment Network. He has more than enough official 'points of disability' to qualify easily. A provider within DEN can offer lifetime support, in helping him get ready for a job, finding an appropriate job for him, and helping him stay in it. I think it's what he needs. Onwards and upwards hopefully.


  1. Adorable pup! : ) What names have you picked out? Oh, don't tell - I can wait.

    Dotter's top is WAY cool! She looks awesome in it.

    Good news about the employment network help for your son. Sounds like a plan that can benefit him immensely. He's talented and a good guy so he will find his "niche" and get moving onwards.

    Enjoy vacay!

  2. Sounds like good news all around. And Dotter looks so foxy with that "edgy" haircut! Luck to your son and strength to the pup.

  3. Oh look at the new baby, she is so cute!! Good house inspection news. And I am glad there will be some positive directions for The Son!!!

  4. Glad you are getting some help with your son, that must be a bit of a relief.

    Look at the puppeh - SO CUTE!

  5. I set people up in programs like that as part of my job. Take advantage of everything you can! I've seen it work wonders for people with Aspergers. It's really a challenging life (both for the individuals and their families).

    The pup is adorable!

  6. Sweet baby. Dotter looks great. She can carry the look. Luv it.

    So glad to hear about DEN. I worked 8 yrs with a 'sheletred workshop' We had contracts with most of the branches of Gov't. Depending on the assessment we would get work for them- need a quite place-got it, you name the individuals problems and they can find you work. I could go one... Good luck, if Son is willing to give it a good try, they will too. I do know that going to work there was a pleasure because they were so happy every day to have a job and make their own money.

  7. I had to laugh. I was shaving one of my bunnies and my 7 year old asked me to shave his head next. So your Dotter and my DS have a similar look.

    Sounds like DEN's focus will be good for your DS and give him the help and support that he requires to find his niche.

    Enjoy the holiday!

  8. Glad you are getting a very well deserved break! Dotter looks "wicked cool" as they say (or used to say, the probably don't anymore...) around here. And I'm glad to hear there is support for your son - poor guy. It must stink to try so hard and not fit the way everyone else wants you to.

  9. Hello lovely lady!!!

    I haven't dropped by in a while and it's been so so good to see what you're up to. Puppies- yeeeee!
    So cute. Lucky you get the photo updates, otherwise 6 weeks would really drag on until you can meet them I suppose?!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Othlon's (sans) hair. Looks smashing.

    Hope progress with DEN is steady and swift- fingers crossed.

    I really hope you enjoy the holiday! More cakes in a mug to be baked I presume! I'm so doing that today!!!!!

    Big hugs.

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