02 June 2009


Thank you everyone for your lovely kind and heartfelt wishes on Uncle Tony's passing. His funeral was last week, in Albury, and everything went well. It was great to see my aunt and cousins, and other family, despite the very sad occasion. My SIL (who is a celebrant) ran the event beautifully and thoughtfully as ever. I did a slide show of around 80 photos from Tony's life was well received, too, at the wake. Our photos of the event are here, if you're interested.

I've just finished reviewing my copy of Word Searches for Dummies, and found (with some help from others, thank you Five Ferns!) various errors, damn it. I guess it's inevitable. There is now a page of Errata on my web site. And if anyone else spots mistakes (that aren't already listed), please let me know! All these will be fixed in the first reprint.

And now, some gratuitous puppy piccies, because I know that's what you really came over to see! Petal is 11 weeks old, and cuter than ever. Her ears are definitely up!

She loves playing with balls, and cracks us up when she chases a full size tennis ball, and then picks it up! Her tiny teeth catch onto the fuzz - the ball is bigger than her head!


  1. Oh Petal is so cute!! Those ears are amazing!!

  2. wow, that face. Both of us looked at the screen and just smiled. What a face!

    I feel bad that I haven't looked closely enough at your book (yet!) to pick up errata. It's on my bedside table, I promise!

  3. What enjoyment is having a new puppy. Love her hears!

  4. Awwww! I just want to cuddle her, then put her in a teacup for photos, then cuddle her some more, then put her in my pocket and run away! What a delight she must be!Does Lulu like her?

  5. Is that a leash or a zipper pull? LOL - she is sooooo tiny and petite, how cute !

    RIP Uncle...

  6. How nice to have a family member be a celebrant. Someone who knows the family and can make a meaningful ceremony.

  7. What a cutie! Glad to hear the ceremony for your uncle went well, and I'm so sorry about the book. It must be disappointing to have put in so much work and have errors - made by others, of course! - slide right in. But it happens to everyone, I'm told. (Or everyone who is awesome enough to have a book published, anyway.) So don't stress about it! It all comes out in the wash. (Or the next edition... ;)

  8. What a cutie pie. It's hard to to fall in love with such a gorgeous animal.

  9. Oh somehow I had forgeotten your sad news. I am glad everything went well.
    Isn't Petal a darling?? She is so cute!!! Lucky you!!


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