11 June 2009

Good Luck!

Aaah, knitting weather! It's been a good time to finish things, what with the hiatus between projects that I'm in at the moment.

Here's my Good Luck Cowl. Knit with qiviut (musk ox), kindly sent to me by Abbey! I cast this on for Knitting Camp in late April, and finished it a few nights ago, just in time for some really cold weather.

This is the cowl pre-blocking ...

... and post-blocking.

A close up of the stitch pattern :

Here's its Ravelry project page. The qiviut really is beautifully soft and super warm! Are you surprised to hear that Petal likes to snuggle in to it, too?


  1. ooh didn't it turn out beautifully! mmmm qiviut!

  2. Is it as soft and as snuggly as angel fluff? Love the pattern - one of my favourite lacy patterns that one. Great job. :)

  3. Yummy! And beautiful work! I've only seen brown quiviut. You scored big time with that one!

  4. Lovely, glad you will get plenty of use from it too, since the winter is now finally wintry!

  5. how lovely. That qiviut is really special.

  6. your cowl is is lovely ..quivet even sounds soft . good luck with your surgery

  7. It looks wonderful - and just in time for the cold cold weather!


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