14 June 2009

What the Physiotherapist Said

Part 2 of the Patient Information Session

Physiotherapist - Christie

This is the physio program after THR, at the Canberra Hospital. If you're having this operation, your own hospital and physio may have different guidelines.

Day of surgery (Day 0)
Deep breathing / coughing exercises, to help expand the lungs after surgery
Ankle/foot exercises

Day 1
  • 1 physio session : start on exercises
  • Get out of bed with 2 people assisting
  • Walk 10 metres
  • Use large walking frame
  • Sit out of bed 1-2 hours
  • Discuss hip precautions (next post)

Day 2
  • IV pain relief comes down, onto oral analgesia - take it regularly!
  • 2 physio sessions, morning and afternoon
  • Progressively more difficult exercises
  • Out of bed with 1 assistant
  • Walk further than 10 metres
  • Sit out of bed morning and afternoon, 2 hours
  • Use smaller walking frame

Day 3
  • 2 physio sessions
  • Be independent with your exercises
  • Get out of bed independently
  • Get into bed (harder than getting out) with help from only 1 person
  • Progress to small walking frame or crutches
  • Walk at least 30 metres
  • Looking at discharge options, and discussing home environment
  • Moving around frequently
  • Walk to toilet, no bed pan
  • Sitting out of bed morning and afternoon
  • Need to change position hourly.
Goals for Days 3-5
  • Practice stairs with crutches / walking stick
  • Standing exercises
  • Independent with exercise program and transfers (in/out of chairs, beds, car etc)
  • Able to walk over 50 metres
  • Able to negotiate 5 steps
  • Sit out of bed most of the day
  • Perform physio outcome measures
  • Good understanding of hip precautions

Generally go home around Day 5

After leaving hospital
The hospital offers 2 free physio sessions a week, for a month, to progress your mobility, functioning and self-care for hip and knee replacement patients.

Ongoing physio is vital!

What the Occupational Therapist said is next .... :)

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  1. When I had my wrist pinned they had me doing rehab (rehabilitation; physio in the US) almost immediately. At the time I thought they were insane, but looking back, I'm really glad I did it.

    It sucks, but it works!

  2. Oh, she makes that sweater look charming!

    Boy they get you up and moving in double-quick time! Amazing the advances in medicine. They obviously expect that you will be healing and recuperating before the anesthetic has left your system. Hooray!!

  3. Hi...so when is your THR scheduled for? Is that your dog? So cute!

  4. I always think they are rushing the "out of bed" and physical therapy but the people that start early seem to do better. After the cast came off my ankle, I started the next day. Hurt like hell but gave me maximum mobility.


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