27 September 2010

The Travelling Pillow

Here is my hospital boudoir ...

And here's my hospital pillow ... but wait, what's that on it ... ?

Yes, it's covered with writing! OMG! It's a travelling pillow!

I'm a big fan of travelling things - I do BookCrossing, I have a travelling lamb puppet ... and now I've stumbled on a travelling pillow - who knew that hospital pillows got around so much?!

For posterity, this is what it says - my comments in brackets :

This pillow started its life in Cooma Oct 2009
Please write my journey so they see where I've been :)

Ward 13

A Level - CDH (cooma District Hospital)

I'm back in Cooma! Just 4 now

20/5/10 TCH (The Canberra Hospital) 6B

9/6/10 Day surgery TCH

20/6/10 TCH ED (Emergency Dept) we rule

25/6/10 Theatres Calvary Belconnen (Calvary Hospital)

21/7/10 Calvary Mortuary (oh dear)

23/7/10 Calvary Mortuary (still!)

17/8/10 Calvary ED (Emergency Dept)

26/8/10 6E Private

4/9/10 ED Calvary PTO (end of the pillow)

5/9/10 Still here in Calvary ED

7/9/10 ED EMU (Emergency Dept, Emergency Medical Unit)

18/9/10 TCH 7a (this is where I am now)

Isn't that cool?!!! Since I'm in Ward 7a, probably no need to add anything, but maybe I'll add a line when I get out of here ...

I've had a CT angiogram of my poor old noggin with contrast injected on Saturday, hope to get the results tomorrow and start on medication SOON. Rather sick of waiting, waiting, waiting ....



  2. The waiting is always the worst part. You could have The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pillowcase and everyone could dress in pillowcases and have hopping sack type races.
    Hope the medication arrives ASAP.

  3. The pillow is very cool, rather creative for a hospital environment! I hope the test wasn't too horrible and I really hope they get you on those meds soon.

  4. I love the pillow being on a journey! everything was stamped 'Property of EBH' when I was in hosp for 6 months age 11, so my mum and I had great fun tattooing my own stuff with 'Property of LRB'. We never had the urge to steal a pillowcase, funnily enough.

  5. I had no idea that pillows got around so much. What fun!

    The waiting IS awful. Do they let you see your pictures? I think it would be fascintaing to see the twists and turns of the inner brain. And the one tiny section where all the smoothly flowing network of veins and vessles turns into complicated bowknot with crocheted picots. the thing with bowknots, you just find the right end, give it a gentle tug, and everything comes undone. And crochet unravels like lightning. Hope they find that loose end soon.

  6. Very cool pillow - I'm glad you got it :)

  7. The pillow looks cool. But I'm optimistic coz it kinda look untidy. But I love the idea.

  8. That pillow is a great idea. But I hope it's been washed! It's really been around ...


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