11 September 2010


i'm writing this on my phone's web browser with predictive text, so no pictures this time. The reason for this is I've been in hospital since Monday, and will still here into next week.

About a week ago I noticed trouble reading and that there were blank areas in my vision. I did an Amsler test (you'll have to google it yourself sorry!) which confirmed this. On Monday I went straight to my optometrist, who was concerned. He said my eyes looked perfectly healthy, but that vision loss where the same region is lost in both eyes generally indicates a neurological problem. He told me to go straight to casualty.


  1. Oh, we are sending best wishes to you. Waggly tails and happy smiles!!

  2. Crossing fingers all is ok. Xxoo naomi

  3. Oh holy crap! Bless your dear heart, Sweetie. We are wishing you speedy healing.


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