28 November 2005

Jumper reborn

Last month I finally decided to unravel this lovely jumper, which I'd made way back around 1985, in Totem. It was knitted on circular needles, which were less common back then. I was taught how to use them by a Danish friend... but I didn't wear it that often, and not at all in the past decade. It had a hole in the sleeve too (not in a place where there was supposed to be a hole).

The unravelling turned into balls of wool, which I washed carefully. Then I realised that balls of wool don't dry very well, so had to turn the balls into skeins. Lots of winding and untangling!

I'm now knitting the gorgeous aqua-blue Totem into a lacy shrug, and saving the pink and cream Totem for another project.

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