27 November 2005

My French Market Bag

This is the first knitting project I did (after a 2-decade break!). I loved the yarn (Twilley's Freedom Wool) and the pattern (French Market Bag on Knitty). However, once I felted it, it shrank heaps in one direction, and less in the other, and ended up being terribly shallow and floppy, as you can see.

This picture shows what it looked like before I felted it. It was too shallow. Very very too shallow. I know. Hind-sight and all that. Blast.

I've since added a big button on top of one handle, and an i-cord loop to the other handle, which sort of helps to hold the contents in one place, but not very well. Bugger it. I might add a fabric drawstring top, stitched around the top edge... Taphophile's idea, to be fair ;)

So it's living in my bedroom, hiding until the day I can face up to trying to make it work. It was so damned expensive too! Aaaargh....

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