27 November 2005

Why oh why?

I don't know why I'm doing this... but here it is, a Blog (when I'd vowed I'd never have one)!

Anyway. I got back into knitting a few months ago, after a 20 year break - I blame my dear friend Taphophile for this, and the Knitty web site. It's good fun. So I'll share pics of projects, and disasters, and any patterns I happen to make up.

I might also post pics of various artworks I create, you never know. Anything is possible!


  1. It's a fair cop!

    I'm responsible for your blog and knitting and your responsible for my BookCrossing.

    Now we can be blog buddies, too!(I'm not telling anyone else about the blog - just too embarrassing)

  2. Jejune ... hi! I love the colors of your French Market Bag. With the drawstring and so forth you may be able to create a very interesting little handbag out of it. (Have you seen the new Fendi ads with that bag that has all kinds of twists and turns in the leather/fabric?) I could imagine you doing something like that with it. Perhaps I should scan and email you the ad ...

  3. No, I haven't seen those ads - love to see one :)

    My sister's in slow labour, over in London... waiting waiting waiting...


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