29 November 2005

Lemon Hat

This cute Lemon Hat is for my new nephew! I used the pattern from Brook's Tuttie Cutie Fruity Hats. It's made with 8 ply pure wool, and knitted up quickly. I hope it's soft enough, though... I would probably have got a softer hat if I'd used the 75% acrylic/25% wool blend that Brook uses.


  1. lemon hat! so cute! what other fruits are in the book? i smell a purchase incoming.. :)

  2. Hi Happyspider!

    The pattern is just generic - so you can make an eggplant hat with dark purple wool, a Granny Smith hat with light green, or anything else that comes to mind! The pattern is free on Brook's web site...

    It was great to meet you tonight - our first Stitch & Bitch - my dear dotter and I had a lovely time :)

  3. hahhaa This is too cute !!! its nice to see that my pattern actually DOES work and people can understand it. that hat is so cute. i have used 100% wool for some as well. it just depends!!

  4. Hi Brook!

    What's extra funny is that my nephew's dad's favourite band is --- wait for it --- Lemonhead! I swear I didn't know this.

    I'll post a pic of said cute nephew in said cute hat as soon as I get one :)

    I wonder if I scale it up to fit adults I could get my teenagers to wear 'apple hats'.... hmmmm, probably not.


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