14 August 2006

Funny birdy tea pot thingy

This is my very cute tea pot cosy, knitted using the very general directions in the locally produced Keepsakes from Mother's Table book. The original instructions are by Lynne Johnson (a well-known creative professional knitter around town). Although I bought this book in November last year, and the yarn for the project in December, it's not until now that I've really had the experience needed to create the custom-fitted pieces.

My tea pot has an egg shape, with 3 cute little black feet, so I used short-row shaping in the lower section of every 6th row, but in the midst of the row, so it bulged out, but then in again at the base of the cosy. The main knitting is done in Lynne's 'stranded garter stitch' technique, where you knit each stitch with alternating yarns (A-B-A-B-A), and off-set the next row (B-A-B-A-B).

As it is a metal pot, and has burnt me in the past, I added a flap (fastened with a button) to cover the gap in the cosy under the handle (ie where your knuckles get burnt when holding the pot by the handle). I picked up stitches at one edge of the 'gap', knitted a few rows in stranded garter stitch, added a buttonhole, and finished off with a curved end.

I'll see if I can dig out the labels for the two yarns I used... both were Heirloom yarns, I'm pretty sure. It needed a little hair-trim after it's inaugural use on Saturday - there's only so much fancy bouclé you want mixed with your tea after all!

I think it needs a name... Twisty Twitty Tweety Tea Bird or something? Suggestions?!


  1. It's tres gorgeous, Jejune - well done you clever thing. :)

  2. You're in fine form Taph - Ptea-rodactyl! LOL!

  3. oh that is sooooo lovely! Well done!!!! I'm in tea cosy mode at the moment but haven't settled on pattern. I like it!!!


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