08 August 2006

Once again, with piccies

Here it is, the Jet Jumper, all done, on the actual hubby... don't you just love those cables? I'm a sucker for cables... I've left the neck not-sewed-down (it's supposed to be folded in half and stitched down). I'm letting hubby wear it for a while and then I'll sew it down if that's what he prefers.

And this is the finished Heart Scarf for my friend - she loved it. Her surgery went well, she thankfully hasn't had to lose a breast, and now "just" has months of chemo and radiation therapy, and years of hormone therapy to endure. Ain't life a bitch?

On the up side, our new ISP has all our online lfe in its gentle hands, and my new computer is gradually settling in.... who knows, I might be able to actually get some *gasp* WORK done soon!


  1. oh thats lovely and the seams look great - invisible even!! awesome cable, must try that one day, nice work! :)

  2. Well, you can't see the side seam because his arm covers it up... but it sits flat, and stays together, so that's something!

    Yes, cables are just so clever, and so easy to do... you've gotta given them a try. Easier to have someone show you than 'book learnin'.

  3. Looks lovely. I think the neck up like that looks great. Those sewn down ones always end up a little too bulky for my liking. It will keep him warmer this way too. :D

  4. What a fantastic colour. I'd seen it on the shelf but felt doubtful about it - nice to know hit comes alive in sunlight. Love the humper - it looks brilliant and wonderfully warm. Would the neck fold in half to the inside or the outside?

    I really will try and catch up with you guys again in the next month or so!

  5. Humper? That's a very very bad (or good?) Freudian slip there, LOL!

    I think the neck would fold down to the inside, and be stitched down there... but he likes it unrolled so far.

    Look forward to catching up soon :)

  6. oh you are so good! Yes, I too adore cables and am desperate to do something substantial with them - ie more than a hat or a hot water bottle cosy. That looks fantastic!!!! Great shots.

    And I LOVE the scarf. Really love it. Well done Jejune!!


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