17 August 2006

A hat to match

Here's the matching hat for hubby! It's based on this pattern on Head Huggers, except that I continued the cables right up to the top! How tricky is that? It looks so COOL, I keep nicking it... I'm obviously going to need to make one for myself. The Paton's Jet is just so lovely, not at all scratchy.

And of course the weather is warming up - how dare it, just when I've found a great hat pattern?!


  1. i love it! Big fan of the cabled hat!!! Very, very good. Love headhuggers too.

  2. Yummy hat, Jejune. I guess you could alternate usage. He gets Spring and Summer, you get Autumn and Winter. Seems fair to me. ;)

  3. ROFL! The perfect solution, Taph! I LIKE it!

    Of course, I could just knit another one.... gives me the excuse of buying more Jet, and knitting CABLES :D

  4. love it, want it, have to have it... tell hubby to watch his back

  5. Ooooo, noice! I like it v. much. Shall try it in some alpaca that I've got. I figure if jet worked well, my alpaca I picked up in Braidwoos might work. There's a lady from southern direction who brings in off-white alpaca to WW's farmer's market. I'm saving for a couple of 100 meters. It's beautiful and v. dyeable.


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