06 August 2006

Happy Jumper Dance

It's all done! I finished the last seam at midnight, and it fits prefectly and hubby is nice and cosy warm today! I'll post pics when I've got my aDSL connection working (back to the bad old days of dial-up... how did I survive?)... Our incredibly fucking stupid old ISP cancelled our aDSL connection a week before the date we requested, showing a remarkable inability to read dates or follow instructions. Our nice new ISP is still submitting the paperwork... and now of course Telstra will bill us for a new connection rather than a transfer (churning), which is an extra $90. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

But we have a finished jumper - it took 8 weeks from buying to wool to the end product, so I'm pretty happy with that! And my new computer has arrived (replacing the one that was stolen a few weeks ago), and I now have all sorts of obsessive backup and password-protected measures in place so if anyone nicks my computer again, they won't be able to get into it, and I won't lose so much data. Painful lesson that one :(


  1. welcome back on line Jejune! And great effort - 8 weeks! How very satisfying.

  2. hurrah for the jumper! and sneers in the general direction of bastardly computer wretches...

  3. I think your ISP deserved something acrylic and cr****ted.

  4. yay on the jumper completion - i am on my second last seam and then have the neck, im hoping tomorrow and you have inspired me to leave this computer (on which only a thesis lurks taunting me - anyone want to come steal this one?) and go finish! i think its been a bit longer than 8 weeks here tho. look forward to pix :)


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