10 September 2006

End of a Chapter

Nanna's funeral was on Friday 8th September, at St Davids Uniting Church. Around 200 people attended, and it was a very moving ceremony. My daughter and I were 2 of the 4 pall bearers. There was a big afternoon tea at the church hall afterwards. Nanna had given full instructions for her funeral, in her first week in hospital - the family was instructed to MINGLE, which we did, hopefully to her satisfaction!

I've found the packing up and dismantling of her home very upsetting - it's been the same home since 1940, our longest never-changing family home in the family. It was awful seeing all Nanna's belongings being packed up, taken off the walls... a harrowing job for my mum and aunt. It's awful knowing that we'll never go back to that house in Albury, a home I've visited since I was a baby, and will never see her again.

Nanna had already put our names on things like her paintings - so I now have a nice oil painting for my study of her choosing - plus I quickly selected her cookbooks, to keep them safe. She was a consummate cook; I have her 1935-edition Commonsense Cookbook, another 1940s-era cookbook, and her handwritten book of favourite recipes, which I will treasure.
Now I just need to see if I can master her famous Honey Biscuit recipe, and I can keep the flame alive!

While I was away I finished some wrist warmers for my mum, and finally finished my hubby's Fibonacci Socks. Time to move on.

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  1. hey Jejune - good to see you back. have been wondering how you've been going.

    What a harrowing time - but I'm glad you got some special treasures of hers to keep. That's comforting.



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