15 September 2006

New projects

It's time for a few new projects - so may I introduce you to Pilve the terribly cute Estonian sheep puppet (Interweave's Spin-Off magazine, Summer 06). I'm not using handspun wool, but Patonyle sock yarn instead. There was a problem with the number of stitches to cast on - the article lists 72 for Pilve, but in fact you need 80 (16 stitches in the motif do NOT go evenly into 72!). I didn't want to restart, so just did 1 row of plain knitting in white after the ribbed border, increasing 8 stitches evenly over the row. It's worked fine. I'm just enjoying the body pattern work at the moment, I love Fair Isle... the puppet pattern is fairly loosely described, so I hope the rest of the design - leggy bits, head etc - works out OK.

The lovely stitch marker / earring is from my pen pal Cindy - a flowery glass bead on a golden chain...

Last night, while watching Kommisar Rex, I realised that the only knitting projects I have OTN need lots of concentration (2 lace projects and 1 fair isle) - I needed - yes - some MINDLESS TV KNITTING! I remembered that my husband wanted a scarf to go with his Jet Jumper - and I had 7 balls left over, so I dashed off to the Stash Chest, dug out the needles and Jet, and got stuck into it. My first attempt was 27 stitches on 4.5 mm bamboo needles, with a 3 x 3 rib - but it really was too narrow, and the fabric was a bit too dense (fine for a jumper, but a bit too stiff for a scarf). So after consulting with him, I unravelled it (only 15 cm or so), and cast on again, this time with 32 stitches on 6mm needles, and 2 x 2 rib - it's looking nice!

I took photos of the Fetching wrist warmers I made for my mother's birthday (which is today)... but I can't see them in my iPhoto albums, don't know if the camera was downloaded to my husband's computer or something? Anyway, will upload pics when possible. I used hand-dyed Totem (used to be baby pink, now orange / red / apricot / pink), and Mum loved them :)

And finally - hubby is wearing his Fibonacci Socks! And he likes them - as he bloody well should, after all that work! Mind you, this means I now have NO SOCKS on the needles - gasp - how can this be? I'm casting my eyes Opal-wards ;)


  1. loving the puppet body - yummy colours, effective pattern. I would look nice on a sock, too.

  2. Yes, I must admit I've been thinking how nice Fair Isle sock borders would be - although I'm wary as it's not very stretchy, and have read of at least one Fair Isle sock disaster (look beautiful, don't stretch, can't be worn). But maybe if it was just the top border it could work?


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