20 September 2006


I've celebrated my birthday in recent days, and have been very blessed in the knitting gifts that have come my way - so it's... showing off time!

My sweet friend K made this for me - it's the softest black mohair you can imagine, just perfect for a cool spring day :) A very special gift!

The Cashmere and unusual Chilean wool are from my pen pal Cindy in the States - just beautiful colours - now I need to have fun planning what to make with them! The to die for hand-spun merino by our very own Happy Spider is a real treat. I can't bear to wind it into a ball, it's such a lovely coil now... but one day, one day, I will find the perfect project for this delightful fibre. *** hugs and kisses to you both ***

And on the far right, can you see those unbearably CUTE sock-shaped needle point protectors? They can't be found in Australia for love or money (ie I ain't gonna share, and no online Oz shops I've found yet sell them). They are perfect for keeping thin sock needles all together in your bag - the hole is more of a tube (unlike the angled holes in other point protectors, teddy bears included), so the thin DPNs don't slip out. These will be guarded most jealously :) Again, a big thank you to Cindy!

It was good to see everyone at SnB on Sunday, although I was really too overtired to make it a really social event... Hopefully life will stop being quite so insane and settle down to its usual manageable level of chaos soon.


  1. Very yummy yarns and accessories. You deserve to be spoiled.

  2. Lovely presentsssssss! You're very lucky.

    I particularly like the purple shawl collar cardie in that pattern book. Hmmm.

    I have got a pair of those green socky things. I didn't know they were for holding dpns together. Hunh. They were a gift from my Canadian back tack buddy.

  3. oooh lucky you, hope you had a great day! xxx

  4. so lovely!!! Such treasures.....!!!

    Happy belated birthday Jejune!


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