30 September 2006

Bit the next

Hubby is back, but with Taph's excellent suggestion of 'disappearing' the jumper for (very slow) 'hand-washing', and effecting my repairs secretly, I've been able to continue without his knowledge (although of course I am completely sunk if he reads my Blog - but I figure that if he reads a knitting Blog, that's a victory in itself!). He is messy enough that he hopefully won't notice the jumper's absence around the place, and it's warming up, so he's unlikely to want to wear it.

SO. The front half is done. I got up early this morning and removed the band from the back half. This time I'm going to give Julie's method a try, which will be quicker as I will (hopefully) be able to easily (hopefully) graft the ribbed band back onto the jumper (hopefully) rather than reknitting it. As you can see from the pic I've put the band stitches onto a 4mm circular needle, and set it aside. The jumper body is now 2 rows into 'new stuff', on 4.5mm needles.

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