27 October 2006

The creature from the wool lagoon

This is the back view... The creature emerges...Pilve now has a head and one ear. The last ear is being cast on tonight, and given how enormous (not) it is, probably finished tonight as well.

The next step is embroidering on the face (probably the most important part of all), and then stuffing the head. But at least once I've finished the ear tonight I can have my 2.25mm flexible DPNs back, and I FINALLY cast on the next pair of socks for ME. I've got some lovely blue Patonyle sitting in my knitting basket, whimpering at night, and waking the mice, wanting to be knit.

And this is the front view - I'm not sure if I did the head decreases correctly, but, meh, who cares :)


  1. sssssssssooooooooooooooo cute. i sense a cheeky spirit, even with only one ear :p

  2. gorgeous! cant wait to see the finished thing. maybe i should get you to make a bigger one and i can get my cattle dog to wear it so possum can practice her herding on him! love it :)


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