11 October 2006

Finishing off

My new book has finally arrived! "The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques" by Nancie Wiseman is wonderful - if nothing else, it's spiral bound, so opens easily and lies flat. There are 7 Cast Ons, a variety of Increases and Decreases, 3 Selvages, 5 Bind Offs, a ton of seam techniques, plus picking up stitches, borders, bands, finishes, buttonholes, and odds and ends, like how to knit shoulder pads, weaving in ends neatly, blocking, and how to store yarn. The diagrams are clear and as far as I can tell from a quick glance through it it seems to be well written. I'll bring it along to SnB for show & tell! (I can't make it to next Sunday's SnB, so it'll be next month).

I've also finished darning in the ends for hubby's Jet Scarf, and have finished my brother's possum hat (pictured here, modelled by my very own scruffy teenage rock musician son). It's a bit funny having all these seams at the crown, but it looks fine when worn. And I didn't run out of the possum/merino (although it was a little close for comfort)!


  1. What?! It's book of techniqes and not someone doing all the awful fiddly bits for you? Drat. ;)

  2. looking forward to the pictures jejune! Sounds like you've been wonderfully productive. I'll try and make it next month too so we can catch up properly!

  3. Yes, Taph, I must admit I wa sorely disappointed when a mere book came out of the cardboard box, and not a mini-knitter elf... sigh.

    I'll post pics as soon as I can find the camera cable, which my Darling (or pick another D word) Dotter has 'lost' in her room.

  4. oooh a book arrival- what fun! I trust you did the "woo my new knitting book has finally arrived" dance? My performance of this dance inevitably invloves lots of bum gyration... Love the possum-merino hat- what's possum like to work with??


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