04 October 2006

More nice things!

Lots of things to report tonight!

First of all - I've been found out. I managed a few days of knitting in secret on hubby's jumper extensions, but he caught me at it... ah well, it's a hell of a lot easier to knit without trying to hide it. The second extension is nearly done, I'm up to grafting the ribbed band back on!

I've also nearly finished my White Lies Alene Camisole. It's been sitting in a bag for months, waiting for the final rows of knitted lace, and then all the fiddly bits to finish it off... In the past few weeks I've finished the camisole lace and knitted the neck / armhole egding (lots of picking up stitches!). The 1" shoulder straps have been knitted, but they're supposed to be sewn onto adjustable bra-type straps - which our local sewing shop doesn't stock any more! I'll probably buy a cheapy pink bra or slip from St Vinnie's and chop its straps off. Then I need to sew a casing for some elastic under the bustal region, and insert said elastic. And then I need to either knit or crochet a thin cord for the front lacing, but I'm leaning towards some shiny pretty ribbon instead. And there are, of course, roughly a squintillion ends to darn in.

This is the beginning stages of a hat for my brother's 40th birthday - he's a very environmentally conscious guy, so I hope he'll appreciate this possum / merino blend. I'm past the ribbed brim, and well into the hat itself now - it's a nice slipped stitch pattern. Funny to be knitting a hat flat, though - I'm used to hats in the round.

Taph dropped past on the weekend with my birthday pressie - I'm having such a nice extended birthday this year (I still have a few birthday treats pending from family members!). She even knitted me a lace washcloth... such devotion is truly stunning - **hugs** - the soap is yummy, Body Shop deliciousness - thanks Taph :D

Taph also gave me the lovely mezzaluna knife and board, and my hubby (via my FIL) gave me the Stephanie Alexander book which I've wanted for so many years that it's now in its second edition... and it was worth the wait - really brilliant book. My kids gave me the Cuisipro beautifully designed mixing spoon and spaghetti spoon (which match my new ladle).


  1. oh you do have lots to report! Fantastic stuff!

    LOVE the camisole. Will really look forward to seeing it with all it's bits done - the elastic etc. I think it's going to be stunning!

    And the merino/possum blend is great. I will be interested to hear how it knits up for the hat because I think I'd like to make something similar.

    Yes, the SA book is a treasure. Have a well worn first edition. LOVE the mezzaluna - I am a devoted user myself!

    And I reckon that face cloth and soap idea is a gorgeous gift idea! I've been looking for something that woudl make a nice, small and inexpensive gift and I reckon that, with the soap, is just about perfect. Taph is a lovely person!

  2. The facewashers / dish cloths are nice pressies to make - all your need is some cotton to knit with, a simple (or complex) pattern, and a bar of soap. Nice and inexpensive, but also shows your love and devotion!

    The merino/possum yarn is the multi-coloured one - I found it at Cassidy's (OK, to be fair, Othlon found it at Cassidy's and I agreed with her choice). Apparently its initial roughness will relax to lovely softness after some wearing / washing.

  3. I'm very curious about the bra strap arrangement in the camisole. And the elastic. Looking forward to seeing that one.

    What a nice extended birthday! I too love my BOB (big orange book). The lemon butter recipe is top notch for a start.

  4. I'll bring the camisole along tonight, Margie, if you want to have a look. I'm not quite sure about how the straps work, actually, the instructions are a little sketchy...

    I've just made the CC's (Cook's Companion) crumble topping (put it on baked rhubarb and butter-stewed apple) so far, and it worked out very nicely. Plus I've read bits. I just love it!

  5. Hi sweety!

    I'm hoping to make it for a little while tonight, but I'm sitting here at work having trouble keeping my eyes open. So... if I can muster up the energy and poke myself enough to get moving, I'll see you there, otherwise be assured that I'll be thinking of you all if I dont make it (whilst probably being fast asleep on the lounge, hehe!)


  6. I must admit I'm in the same 'barely-awake' state at the moment... Kommisar Rex (SBS) and an early night sounds rather appealing too!

  7. Well, Happy Birthday! This is what comes of me travelling and not having much access to computers for blog surfing. Your prezzies look like great fun and the shawl and cloth are gorgeous : ) I've seen possum yarn available in a couple of places although not varicoloured like the one you have - those are really lovely colours. I'll have to drop by Cassidy's when I'm in town this week, I think! (I moved boarding houe from Downer to Aranda.)

    I think Bras'n'Things might have the extensions that you're looking for to fit your camisole...

  8. A belated happy birthday and much envy about the book and the implements!


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