22 October 2006

Pilve Progress

Hurrah, Pilve has paws! Well, front legs. And a neck, and -until I was rudely stopped mid-row last night by a power blackout - the better part of a head.

As Othlon said, this fair isle pattern would make the most wonderful gloves...

I'm pushing to finish Pilve soon, as I want to make some more socks, and I only have one set of 2.25 mm flexible DPNs.

And my brother came over yesterday, and he was delighted with his possum hat - the day was unseasonably cold, and he wore it immediately! He didn't have anything similar at home, either, so I think he'll get a lot of wear from it.


  1. Pilve is coming along sweetly. :) Glad your brother was so appreciative of his beanie. Knitterly love appreciated - so heartening.

  2. nice work! Othlon is right. Fabulous gloves!!

  3. i shake my head in amazement at something so complex...im assuming a graph is required? in which case me and this type of knitting shall never meet... very noice :)

  4. Thanks :) Yeah, there's a graph for the pattern, to show which colour to do when. It's not that hard, honest... takes a little more concentration than 'plain' knitting, but once you've got the pattern repeat figured out, it's not too taxing. Mostly.

    I've had the most trouble with figuring out the decreases for the head, actually, which weren't written frightfully clearly. But, meh, it's just a puppet, if it's head is a little weird, do you think ANYONE will care, let alone notice? (And NO this is not an open invitation, dear ladies, when viewing the finsihed puppet, to say "OH. MY. GOD. It's head is totally FREAKY and DEFORMED.")

    What worries me now is doing the face.. the instructions just say 'Embroider on eyes, nose and mouth, using the photos as a guide." And the photos aren't very close up or clear... hmmm. Anything could happen, ladies!


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