01 January 2007

It is 2007 already?

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm damn glad 2006 is over.

I don't normally do this, but this year I'm making some necessary health changes, so I have some New Year's Resolutions :

1) Mindfulness / Meditation every day - to help me cope with life and take better care of myself as a priority!

2) Swimming once - and eventually twice - a week. Starting gradually, and building up.

3) Losing 16 kg (this may take more than a year) - but I have to do it, as both my bloody hips are increasingly crippled with osteoarthritis (result of congenital deformity & masses of surgery as a child), and the less weight-bearing stress they have the better. I'm hoping to postpone the inevitable surgery for as long as possible. I'm having x-rays in the next few weeks (when I can face it).

When I was a little girl I had experimental surgery carried out by the famous surgeon Wayne Southwick at Yale University. He developed a new way of doing open reductions on dislocated hips, and I was one of his few guinea pigs. I remember going to his lectures, lying on a table out the front, so the students could see what he'd done. A bit galling for a 6 year old. But I ended up with a hip that worked pretty well (and a slightly twisted leg), where other surgeons had repeatedly failed.

Anyway, my plan to achieving this seemingly impossible task will be following Dr Rick Kausman's general good eating guidelines, having a low-fat & low-GI diet (which I have to cook now anyway for my daughter, who has diabetes), and more exercise (see #2). It won't be fast, but hopefully slow and steady and long-term. There's a ticker thingy at the bottom of my Blog page just to help keep me motivated in public!


On the knitting front, I've made several false starts on my cotton top. On the good advice from L from our SnB group I decided to have a go at designing my own pattern for a simple cotton singlet top, using some gorgeous thick (~12 ply) satiny cornflower blue cotton I was lucky to receive from a SnB member. I can do this, I know I can. Honest. However, early signs are not promising :

I've knitted about 4 gauge swatches, on different needles, measured and recorded the data in my knitting notebook. I even washed and dried the last swatch to see how washing affected the gauge (it did - it shrank visibly vertically by about a row's worth - the fabric feels much nicer since it's been washed, too, more compact and 'together').

I've calculated sizes. I've cast on. Two times. The needles were the wrong size. I decided to add a border of lace around the bottom, to help make the cotton go further. So I've knitted umpteen lace swatches too. I finally found one that felt right. My 5.5mm very cheap bamboo circular were driving me nuts (the tube linking the needles is just that - a tube, not a thin cord - so the stitches don't slip along it at all). I ordered new 5.5 mm 80 cm Clover circular bamboo needles (bliss). And waited for them to arrive.

I cast on again. 159 stitches in the round. I was 6 rows into the lace border when I realised (last night) that there were TWO TWISTS IN THE CAST ON. Fucking hell. I was knitting a 'double' Mobius tube. And no, having two twists does NOT mean you can just 'untwist' it. Maybe if I'd caught the error in the cast on row, I could have remedied it... so. Unravelled it AGAIN last night, after taking a few photos with my son's new digital camera (so hopefully I can post some pic soon). Starting to think about knitting it flat!

I will prevail! It would be nice if it was finished before the hot weather ends, though...


  1. That beautiful cotton is just being a little bugger - you will subdue it. Threaten to let Lulu loose on it and see if it doesn't submit ;).


  2. good luck with the health changes Jejune! rick Kausman is full of great advice, I think. I have his book if you don't and would like to borrow it.

    And that's a bitch about the cotton. I'd be giving up in frustrated anger now! So well done for keeping on going!!!

  3. hang in there, you will beat it into submission. i want to lose 6kgs roughly this year (in a 'i'm fitter' way, not a 'i'm emaciated' sort of way. slow and steady does it :p good luck

  4. Thanks - yeah, Rick Kausman is great - I've got his book (thanks for the offer), and have even had email chats with him - he's very good at getting back to people directly.

    I'll keep at the cotton, I'm sure it will eventually work out, and I like the process of knitting, so it's mostly OK. Mostly ;)

  5. Hmmm, I think the cotton will cringe into instant submission if I even let Lulu in the same room as it! :)

    Oooooooh cotton! Miiiiiiiiiine!

    Uh oh...


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