28 February 2008

Colour Jejune's Hair

I'm doing this - colouring my hair not shaving - something to help support the Leukaemia Foundation, who are supporting my lovely dear Uncle Tony...

At the moment you can make credit card donations via my page. Sometime next week I will have books of writey things which will allow me to accept donations of cash, cheque or BPay. But online is easiest!

So please find it in your heart to set aside a ball of sock yarn (just one) and instead help support families with leukaemia, and the search for a cure.

You can have your say in what colour I go - it's in the sidebar, just down on the right - see it? Yup... vote away! I shall do the deed on Saturday 15 March!

Thank you.


  1. oooh Jejune, what a fabulous generous thing to do!!!
    Big hugs and kudos =)
    ps. Maybe you could dye it kind of an Opal tiger stripes self-stripey kind of colourway hehe =)

  2. You dear, sweet girl! How long does it have to stay colored? Stripes sounds like fun!

  3. tag youre it! check out my blog. xx

  4. Hi Jejune,

    Thanks for coming by my blog. I have enjoyed reading your blog. I like the pictures of Melbourne, and I am very impressed with your neck pillow. I was surprised that the toothbrushes boxes worked so well! I have to get a few more.

  5. ha ha so far it looks like you will be PURPLE!

  6. I shall have to tell Nadie what she started:]
    Thanks for the comment on HER shave page sweetie.


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