03 February 2008

Skeins in the Studio

This is the young lad (Dotter's boyfriend's youngest half-brother - got that?!) trying on his birthday beanie - given that it was close to 30C when he were at his birthday picnic yesterday, this is as far as he got with wearing it... and fair enough! It does fit, though :)

This is the studio half of my office (if I turn the chair around it's at my computer desk - it's a cosy room). My art desk is much smaller than before, but the lighting is OK, diffuse and from the left, which is good, although there's no nice view any more.

And this is what I did today - finally got to work on a new painting! Here's the painting so far... it is long narrow, designed to be printed around a mug. There will be colourful skeins and balls of yarn sitting on a long lace runner.

Thanks for the various suggestions people have sent me for paintings, it's always good to know what you would like to see! I've added them to the list of paintings I have planned for this year :)

Now I've got to get ready for the new series of Miss Marple (ABC TV, 8.30 pm) - utter bliss! And wasn't the adaptation of The Murder Room by PD James on Friday night brilliant? Martin Shaw is the quintessential Adam Dalgleish. Can't wait for Part 2 next week!


  1. oooh what a fab idea! Can't wait to see how it looks =)

  2. I'm liking what I see already. Glad your geting back in the groove

  3. I love this idea for the next painting...I can see another order in the future!!

    And I also love the little fella's teeny tiny converse sneakers!! So cute!!!

  4. What a cute lad with his handmade beanie! Your drawing and painting space looks cozy yet airy. And I absolutely adore the concept for your new painting - can't wait for the colorful skeins of yarn to emerge.

  5. Every woman should have a room of her own!

    Looking forward to the mug-shots. Your art is soooo lovely!

  6. Oh how nice! I think the idea of a long, narrow picture is great. Will watch with fascination.

    Hey, how's Lulu these days?

    And nice new banner too!

  7. Love your new studio, Jejune. :)

  8. Oh, I need me one of those mugs...


  9. To have a space of my own, dedicated to my crafts....you're living my dream!

  10. I have had another idea: what about a hot x bun? And here's another: what about a knitting notions pile entitled "... and now for the wool"? Just thoughts...

    Love the yarn of the beanie. Cool weather's coming so I'm sure it will be used soon.

    Do all the sex references in these adapted versions of Miss Marple give you the pip? I know that Chritie's books weren't quite so sex involved and to have to put it all in in the screen adaptioins strike me as though the producers have decided that the murder mystery element isn't enough to intrigue people. Interested in what you think on this.


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