14 February 2008

Crossword Bag Pattern & Clever Friends!

The pattern for my Crossword Bag is finally available! There is also a gallery of photos to help illustrate the process.

And for a change of pace, here are some links to the clever work of some of my friends :

My friend Russell is an amazing scientific illustrator; his work has appeared in magazines, journals, books, and posters worldwide, and even Hollywood movies. If you're into viruses, bacteria, microbiology, molecules and other like things, you might like browsing through his web site and CafePress shop. There are even some online biology crosswords on his site by you know who ;)

My friend Steve is about to launch his baby - the Go Home Safe campaign - as a long-time oil ship worker, he knows all about safety on the high seas! He's going out into business now, producing very cool safety videos with the help of a great team of designers and so on. You can view a snippet on You Tube - it's quite funny and really well done.

Here endeth the lesson ;)


  1. Thanks for the links and nice job on the bag!

  2. The bag is so nifty! What a clever girl you are. And thanks for the links. Good luck and much profit to your friends!


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