29 February 2008

Squishous Green

I just had to post something on the 29th February :)

To celebrate the opening my new Knitting Art online shop (Australia-based - for blank Knitting Art cards; also for wholesale including export), I am going to start offering some of my Knitting Art original paintings for sale!

It is surprisingly hard to part with my paintings, I get very attached to them... but I will do some similar designs to my more popular paintings (eg Shiraz Socks), as well as new artworks. I will offer a range of sizes too, to hopefully accommodate more pockets - so this first one is very small, and hopefully affordable for someone.

The first little morsel on offer is Green Wool ... seen here in progress, and then finished. And no, the copyright watermark is not on the original painting, it's for online protection :)

Green Wool in progress
Green Wool
Full details on size and so on are here. Basically, it's on an A5 piece of paper (imperial measurements are on the shop page). If you prefer the cheaper option, I'm just starting to put this image onto CafePress - there will more more products in the next few days. I've also added bags with two different paintings on the front and back, and many more Summer Collection goodies!

Lastly, here is the first rose off Lily's rose bush ... it is a King's Ransom Hybrid Tea Rose, and smells lovely! I know very little about roses; hopefully the cultivar name means something to some of you!

Lily's rose


  1. squishous - I like it!! Excellent news about Aus knitting art shop!

    And the rose is lovely - so good that it has a scent, it seems so many roses now don't. They aren't the same if there isn't a scent.

  2. The rose is lovely, and I like roses with a fragrance too. A rose without a scent is a rose not quite finished!!!

  3. oh it's beautiful. Lovely. Both the painting and the rose.

    And congrats on the new shop. I'm very excited about the prospect!

  4. Such a gorgeous painting! And yay for you on the shop. Very exciting.

  5. Hooray for the new shop opening! May you be wildly prosperous!

    Such a lovely rose - just like your sweet Lily. Perfect choice.

  6. Ah, roses!

    And we had more snow again. :D

  7. It's beautiful, the rose. The painting is equally lovely.

    I'm not very creative right now. I'm living vicariously through you. :)

  8. How lovely the rose is. Just love your painting.

  9. Love the green! Can't wait to see your purple hair ...
    and the rose is so beautiful - does it have a scent?

  10. A link to your shop is now on me blog!

  11. Just catching up on blog reading, Jejune, and am sorry to hear about Lily's passing [big sigh]. Glad you have been able to visit your uncle in Melbourne (looks like a city I must visit and soon!) and am taken with your clever pencil needles. I assume the points aren't sharpened much ;^) Congrats on finding belly dancing and many warm thoughts as you move past the hard times.


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