01 May 2008


Argh, this is hard! I'm thinking more and more that using 100% alpaca was the biggest problem with my Mariah - it doesn't have the spring and strength of wool, and the whole thing is just too drapey and floppy. And I can't bear the thought of starting another nice top and having the floppy fibre not work again.

I've spent far too long on Ravelry, and using their Pattern Search facility, have come up with only a few cardigans that are on gauge (20-24 sts : 4") and in 8ply / DK, with not floppy sleeves, and in nearly pure alpaca. I think IVY is about the only option.


  1. I think Ivy is a great choice - a wrap cardi is very flattering for all body shapes!

  2. Ivy is lovely, I want to make it too. I think Glenna might have the non-floppy sleeve pattern option on her blog????

  3. I am a bit fond of Ivy myself. I have some 8ply Totem that is leaning that way.

    Love the new avatar! She looks like she is having a great time

  4. As a not-busty girl who is big where you're little and vice versa, I'm not sure my opinion has any worth but I luuuuurve the thought of Ivy in Bendy Alpaca... mind you I was rather partial to the Lara as well [ she's on my ravelry list with about 200 other things ]
    sniffling over the fate of Mariah here - think I need a Baileys to get over the trauma

  5. Mmmm, Ivy in that lovely ethereal alpacca - -a cardi to cuddle in! And rather sexy, too.

  6. I LOVE ivy.
    And I agree with RRs comment - a wrap cardi is very flattering =)


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