03 September 2008

"I find knitting pockets very boring"

A friend uncovered this book at her house, and felt its rightful home was with me and Dotter...

Yes, it's a comic book, of sorts, where the young hip 1976 girls talk knitting patterns and instructions.

Why is there a kind of scary looking witchy lady, with a black cat, in the background?! Why?

Here's what to do!

Even way back in the olden times they had tension squares!

Clearly, it's so much easier to read a pattern for how to knit a jumper in long speech bubbles, rather than line-by-line instructions ;)

Will bring it to SnB sometime to 'share and enjoy'!


  1. Oh what a brilliant find! Love it!! And it looks like it's in great nick too.

  2. Oh what fun! I keep looking in the local used bookstore for finds like this!

  3. 1976 = olden times. Ha ha! But that looks like a great book!

  4. That's hilarious! What a great book.

  5. A knitting comic book, who would have thought? Such an awesome find!

  6. that is a great find. the cartoons are fun.

  7. What If ...?

    What if you created a knitting puzzle book????
    (Taking the knitting comic book concept to the next level!)

  8. Oh! That's great!

    I could use a laugh.

  9. Look at how the elder knitter is drawn holding her needles. Did the artist read the rest of the book?

  10. I remember back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth...they had tension squares too...

  11. You lucked out on that little discovery! I'm jealous. Glad you have scheduled the HR even if it will be a while. And that little g'daughter is a keeper, so cute, even when crying! ;^) Hope DH's pain can be managed well, and congrats on your book deal. Any chance this publication will cross oceans and land in, for example, my bookstore? Hope so!

  12. How cool is that - and yes, so much easier to follow....

    Thanks again for your part in the stealth knitting - such a lovely hug to receive!


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