07 March 2009

A free loaf every day

Last weekend I ventured to The Canberra Show - first time I've been in over 10 years! It was a thrill to see the prize-winning offerings of Bells, Georgie, and QuiltingMick!

Look who came along for the ride ... yes, young Lulu.

She nabbed the pinwheel I bought for my uncle ... she's hidden it somewhere, but I'm sure I can torture her ask her nicely for it back, so I can post it to Uncle Toes in his isolation room in hospital.

This afternoon we visited the Joviva chihuahuas, including the mummy chi (Kenya) of our new puppy, who was looking very heavily pregnant and uncomfortable.

Here's my son being totally taken in by young Roxie, the 6 month old puppy who stole our hearts. She belongs to the breeder's granddaughter, so we weren't allowed to steal her!

And in exciting news just to hand - my son starts this next Tuesday (at 4 am), at our local Baker's Delight bakery. The graphic design course didn't work out, formal education really doesn't work for him, so we're hoping this will suit him better. Fingers crossed!

It'll be us driving him to work at 4am (the bakery is only 1.5 km from our home), but he's well on the way to getting his driver's licence, so hopefully this will only be for a month or two. As he gets more experienced he'll be allowed to start work earlier (3am, then 2am, and eventually 1 am).

It'll be a shock for him after being unemployed for 2 years, but we're hoping the hours (he's a natural night owl), and the work (he's good with his hands, and has always enjoyed baking), and the social aspect (just a few nice blokes to work with, and not having to deal with serving customers) will suit him and the challenges his Asperger's presents. After 4 years of apprenticeship he'll be a qualified baker, and able to get work just about anywhere - no shortage of jobs. Plus he gets a free loaf of fresh bread every day (which he seems disinclined to share with us!).


  1. Oh, I love the Canberra Show - not when it's in full flight on a Saturday afternoon (don't like crowds) but I used to love taking the kids through on the Friday. Big congratulations on the bakery job too - sounds just perfect!

  2. Glad you had time to take in the show.

    Can't wait til you get your new baby. Will s(he) look like Mom?
    Great news about your son's new job. Tell him I wish him the best and he must share the bread. LOL

  3. A worthy profession the bakery profession is - glad to hear your son is getting involved in it! He's always had a knack in the kitchen - especially with desserts, I seem to remember. So you go, Boy! : ))))

    How yummy is this going to be?????

  4. Congratulations to your son on his new apprenticeship! He'll be a handy person to have in your family, won't he!

  5. Such good news all round (though maybe not for Lulu and the twirly thing). Tiny pups, so very cute!! Good luck with the early hours: such dedication, but a free loaf every day?? Yum!!!

  6. What a sweet expression on your son's face!

    I'm with him - I finally have the perfect job for me, cleaning after hours in a couple of local banks. No people, just the work, and when I'm done, I'm done. I'm as happy as Dilbert's garbage man:


  7. It's good to see Lulu again! I wondered what that little scamp had gotten up to.

    Roxie puppy - well, could there BE a better name?

    H'ray for your son! Best of luck with this.

  8. Great news for you and your son. Sounds perfect. Maybe he can ride a bike to work so you can stay sleeping! Fingers crossed that it works out well and you get to enjoy the fresh bread!

  9. That's great news about the apprenticeship (not to mention the free bread!) - sounds perfect!

  10. Oh look at the pregnant doggie!!! Can't wait to meet your new family member!

  11. So great to have a pet baker! Yay for him - and the doglets are lovely!

    Bread is meant to be broken and shared - remind him!

  12. Oh, good luck with the whole baking things. Has your first born ever considered a bike and good lights? Just a thought... I feel worried as I reckon with husby's precarious health at the moment it will be the mum that will keep this together. And YOU'RE TIRED TOO!

    I know what you mean about reliving the experience with the bushfires in Victoria. I was completely amazed at how affected I was by the fires. I was involved in the Ash Wednesday bushfires in the Adelaide Hills and I was montioring the new broadcast all day for the first 48 hours and then whenever I could. After a while I had to stop as it was affecting my sleep and I was getting really nervy. I talked to my mum about it when I saw her shortly after the Black Saturday and was relieved that she had the same reaction. We both agreed that it was time to stop the news monitoring and to let it go. We still empathise with what the folks of the Maryville community went through but we just can't walk with them at the moment.

  13. Oh, Lulu! I've MISSED her! I'm sorry the bakery job didn't work out for your son. It sounded like it would be great. Chin up, though. Success (and a rest!) is right around the corner: I am so excited for your book coming out, and this next one, too - you are one amazing woman!


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