15 March 2009


Kenya gave birth to FIVE puppies yesterday. Four girls (two black, one cream, and one white with black spots) and one boy (the grey one). Eeeee! Exciting!

We can't visit until they're around 6 weeks old, but we will get frequent photo updates. At that time the breeder will decide which two girls she'll keep, and then we can choose OUR pup.

And check out Dotter sans hair - she went the whole way at the World's Greatest Shave yesterday! I'm so very proud of her.

If you'd like to sponsor her, even just a little, there's still a week or so. Note new nose piercing - added to her grand total of 5 others (ears (3), eyebrow and bellybutton) - all done this summer (apart from 1 ear).

Today is our 24th wedding anniversary! I'm retrospectively shocked that we got married when we were 20 ... ! Despite the downs, it's mostly been ups, on balance, and it's still good :)

We're heading off to the National Portrait Gallery soon to check out the new building near the lake, and have a leisurely lunch (neither of us is frightfully well at the moment, but we should be able to manage this much). We couldn't get in to fancy pants afternoon tea at the Hyatt - they're book out a month in advance, it turns out!


  1. hooray for puppies! So little!

    dotter looks gorgeous. Just stunning!

    And happy anniversary. :-)

  2. Happy Anniversary. Have a lovely and relaxing day.

  3. oooh, dotter is cute like a puppy!!
    And new piercing matches new hair-do! ;o)

  4. Happy anniversary! Hope you have a lovely day.

    Yay for teeny tiny puppehs!! How exciting! Can't believe such a small dog could have so many pups inside her! What a woman, hey!

    I've always wanted to shave my head but have never been brave enough - so yay for dotter! She looks great!

  5. Happy Anniversary to you! Dotter looks marvellous - a great cause to support. Pups are gorgeous too.

  6. Oh puppy joy. How wonderful for you!! Happy Anniversary. And Dotter is doing a wonderful thing and looks very fine too!!

  7. Happy Anniversary to you! Sounds like a very nice way to celebrate with your hubby. Congratulations - and hope you had a very nice time today.

    Way to go, Dotter! That sure is BRAVE - and something she'll remember for a lifetime. "The time she shaved her head" - for a worthy cause. Good on her.

    And have you decided on which puppy you'd like - boy or girl ? And did you have any names picked out? Can't wait to hear more on that account...

  8. Happy 24th! Your description fits just about all marriages celebrating that many years.
    And those pups, soooo enticing. Makes a cat person want to switch over. 8^)

  9. Happy Anniversary. Love the babies. Won't jinx you by asking which one you want. Good for Dotter.

  10. They look like mice! I bet that momdog was glad to evict that crew. What a load!

    Dotter looks so elegant and exotic! Great bones! Good for her.

    Happy anniversary and many, many happy returns of the day!

  11. OOOOH! THE WHITE ONE WITH SPOTS!!!! They're all cute. :) Awesome!

    Your daughter is adorable!

    24 years, wow... Way to go! Congrats and Happy Anniversary!

  12. Dotter looks so elegant and perfectly at ease in her skin. Happy Anniversary. I got married at 23 which seemed perfectly normal at the time but now seems so very young.

  13. Congrats on the anniversary! And on the puppy births - so cute! Can't wait to "meet" the one you get!


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