13 March 2009

Sublime Victorian Lace

Yes, it's name tells it all ... destined to be a Clapotis (am I the last knitter in the world to make one of these?!) ...

Here's the finished Victorian Sampler Spring Scarf, which I posted to my aunt yesterday ... it blocked out nicely.

The baker's apprenticeship hasn't worked out. Asperger's raises it's difficult head yet again. Back to the drawing board.


  1. It's all sublime. :-)

    Sorry about the apprenticeship. It must have been tough.

  2. Yay, I haven't made a Cup-o-tea either. I've made a scarf in the style of. Your sampler is beautiful.
    Good fortune with new job hunting.

  3. Sorry to hear things didn't work out. Hoping for something else soon.

  4. If even I've made a clapotis, then you must be the last person to make one.

    I find it more difficult when one of my kids encounters a set back then if I do. Here's hoping that something great comes his way.

  5. I have not yet made a clapotis, and feel no driving need to do so, though I do admit to the beauty and appeal of it. I wonder how it is, that with the thousands of Clapoti made, why I have never seen one in use? Maybe everyone loves them so much, they are saving them for "good."

    Sorry about the apprenticeship. Bummer. Good luck on finding the perfect fit job.

  6. Thank pink yarn looks good enough to eat!

    Good luck to DS as he keeps on trying to find his niche.

  7. Sorry about the apprenticeship. I recommend a book called 'the out of sync child', it might help you figure out what to do. Also, you might check out a career counselor/guidance counselor to see if they have ideas. Sometimes they do!

    I have not made clapotis. Never liked it...

  8. another who's never made the Clap ... and
    have the puppies been born yet? have they have they have they ???
    sitting here looking gorgeous [of course ] in my Jejeune T-shirt - the black one with the Blue Willow print


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